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For the last 15 years I've been teaching prosperity consciousness. As my Life of Miracles has included adventures, widowhood, making TV documentaries, having my life saved by a brave Chinese security guard, emigrating twice in 11 months, a gloriously happy marriage, having five books published, living a wonderfully healthy and wealthy life and being really rather happy...I've tested all this prosperity work to the full.

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How to make a Prosperity Wheel

Picturing your own prosperity is a powerful way to bring it to you and one of the best ways to do that is to create a Prosperity Wheel. This is a visual image of what you want to create which acts as a constant reminder to think about abundance and happiness instead of misery and lack.

Many spiritual teachers such as Catherine Ponder or Shakti Gawain recommend Prosperity Wheels (also called Treasure Maps) to help create what you need in your life.

Firstly you need to find or buy a large piece of paper or poster board, preferably coloured. Strong colours make a stronger impression on the mind. Make the wheel as big and bright and colourful as possible. Drab small images bring drab and small results!

In her book Open Your Mind to Prosperity (De Vors) Catherine Ponder suggests the following colour schemes:

Green and gold for finances, jobs and career success.
Yellow or white for spiritual understanding and development.
Blue for education, intellect, writing books or articles or studying for a degree.
Yellow or orange for health and energy.
Pink or warm red for love, marriage, happiness in human relationships.

Once you have chosen the colour of background which best reflects your goals, find a picture of yourself looking happy and healthy and looking straight at you and stick it in the centre of the paper. Some people prefer to put a spiritual symbol there instead of themselves but I find that the Prosperity Wheel works better with the spiritual symbol (whatever inspires you) placed at the top to help channel spiritual prosperity to you.

Next work out exactly what you do want in your life, whether it’s love, a new home, a car, a job, a holiday, a baby or whatever. This is vital. Prosperity wheels actually work and if you put something on one that you don’t really want, you can end up with a problem.

Words and Pictures

Then find colour pictures that reflect or represent the things you want in your life and stick them on the paper around your picture. Draw lines from you to the pictures, like the spokes of a wheel, and write on them the embodiment of your dreams, such as ‘I now have a loving, faithful, kind and honest partner and we love each other.’ Be sure to write these ‘affirmations’ in the present tense. Remember how literal the Universe gets - if you want something now, you have to inform the Universe that it is already planning to send it to you.

Finally, write the all-important Universal Disclaimer on your wheel. This goes as follows:
These things or something better now manifest for me, in easy and pleasant ways, for the highest good of all concerned.

This is important so that you do not get the cash for that longed-for holiday through a court case or insurance after breaking a leg or you do not get anything which would hurt anyone else. You need to be very clear. Be warned that a prosperity wheel is a very powerful thing and it needs to be made and used with respect. It is vital that you ask for things for the highest good. Otherwise you are practising magic rather than spirituality and the consequences for you and others could be unpleasant.


Be very careful that you only ask for what you truly want and consider the consequences of asking! Do not go crazy and put up a picture of Russell Crowe, Jennifer Aniston or any other famous person and ask for them to be the new relationship in your life (though using their pictures to denote the type of looks that you like is okay. Just make it clear in your link to the picture that it’s the type you are after).

Never ask for a relationship with a married man or woman even if you are in love with one. That really does create bad Karma.

One man who was looking for love actually married a woman who was already pictured on his wheel, even though he didn’t know it at the time. Her picture was on a poster on the wall behind him in the picture he used of himself. He had put his wheel away by the time he met her and only realised after they were married.

That was an example of synchronicity or even destiny BUT even if you do want to go out with someone famous, don’t ask for it specifically and don’t push the Universe - it doesn’t have a sense of humour. God, on the other hand, does and the two together can mean that you get exactly what you asked for and you won’t like it!

If you do ask for something unrealistic such as Mr. Crowe or Ms. Aniston, it is actually possible that you could find yourself having a fling or even in a partnership with a famous person who has dumped a very well-known and beautiful husband or wife for you and may even be in the process of a costly and public divorce. This might or might not be Mr. Crowe or Ms. Aniston themselves - but if it couldn’t get them, the Universe would still be doing its best and would turn up someone else semi-well known, from another country and (probably) with an ego the size of a house.

Then you might end up with stepchildren; you will have to move across the world, the tabloids will constantly compare your face, figure and background (unflatteringly) with your predecessor who will probably bitch about you in public. You will constantly fear being replaced; you may have to live with a bodyguard watching your every move. You would certainly never dare go out of the front door without full make-up and designer clothes (and that’s just for men!) and the day after there was a huge feature on the two of you in Hello magazine, you’d get dumped. Would you really want that?

What would be even worse than all that would be for you to find that you really didn’t like your movie star after all, and it had all been for nothing.

Just thought you’d like to know all these things!

Ask For Yourself Only.

Do not ask for things that do not concern you. You may only represent your own life on a prosperity wheel. It is perfectly fair to put up pictures of loved ones affirming love and happiness between you because that is part of your own life. But making a prosperity wheel for someone else without their permission is interference in their life of the highest order.

If a friend or loved one is sick and you want to picture them surrounded by health and love and light, still get their permission first. The only exceptions are if your spouse or your children are too sick to help themselves.

Film stars aside, make sure your pictures represent what you really want.

My ex and I once wanted a larger home the Midlands. We had a dual prosperity wheel with a picture of us in the middle but my ex decided to put a picture of Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland on the wheel in the place of the new home.

Within two weeks we had received an offer from old friends to join them in a venture of buying and restoring an old and very large house in Scotland. Rather swiftly, my ex took the Scottish picture down and replaced it with one of the kind of houses that we really wanted. He also added the words ‘in the Midlands’ on the spoke of the prosperity wheel leading to the house - and the perfect home turned up within months.

NB Unless your partner is 100% with you in prosperity work, don’t put a joint picture on your wheel. If you do, then their energy will pull against yours and the wheel almost certainly won’t work.

I also know of a woman who desperately wanted a baby and planned her wheel down to the last detail. But she never actually made it. When pushed as to why she hadn’t followed through, she realised that the wish for the baby was a fantasy; she was not ready for a family and there was work to be done in the relationship with her husband before they went ahead. Without the promise of fulfilment the wheel offered her, she might not have thought the situation through and got pregnant much too early.

Another woman put a picture of herself holding her baby niece in her section on ‘good health and happiness in family and friends’ and five months later found herself pregnant. She had not wanted children that early in her marriage and she was taking contraception - but she had put out a message to the Universe that she wanted to hold a baby, and it delivered.

However, the stories I have of successful and happy outcomes of prosperity wheels far outweigh the mistakes. I know of new confidence, financial windfalls, babies, new jobs, homes and great relationships, all of which came for prosperity students who made a wheel.

I once made one for a magazine article and asked a friend if I could feature her. She said yes – and approved all the pictures. This was a wheel to attract romance. Within two months she was going out with a male friend of mine. The Universe saw that I had made her the wheel therefore her prosperity came through me.

The relationship lasted for more than two years and was very healing for both of them – but now it’s time for her to make her own wheel to attract her true life-partner.

Usually a couple of things on your wheel will happen swiftly, as though they were only waiting your permission to manifest. Others take more time - maybe even up to a year. They can only come when your subconscious mind can accept that you deserve them, so there is often more inner work to do.

If something doesn’t happen, you need to examine whether it would be for the highest good of all if it did come. If you are stuck, it is sometimes worth getting someone else’s point of view on the issue. That’s why prosperity support groups are so valuable.


Where you place your wheel is also important. Many teachers say it should be hidden away so others cannot deride it or interfere with it. However, one woman had one of her dreams come true simply through a friend seeing what she was asking for and revealing that they knew how to achieve her goal. This one is up to you.

However, the Feng Shui of the place in your home, where the wheel is, can be important. There are areas of houses which do not have the correct flow of ‘chi’ to promote prosperity everywhere. If you do not know the Feng Shui of where you live, your best bet is to put the wheel next to, or on the door of, the main door into a room. This is known as ‘The Gateway of Chi’ and is a neutral area which will not interfere with the energies of a wheel.

Finally, look at and enjoy the pictures of what you are creating in your life. Change them as they become real or as you realise you no longer need them. When you feel you have had enough of looking at the wheel, take it down and either dismantle it or throw it away and make another one. Don’t be surprised if it goes on working long after it has been taken down.

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