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Prosperity and Selfishness

At last Saturday's Spiritual Laws of Prosperity workshop the old fear of being prosperous being selfish reared its ugly head. It's such a guilt trip that we have taken on - along the lines that everyone else I love can do well (and I'll help them) but it would be wrong and selfish for me to be wealthy.

And yet, secretly (of course) we feel envy when the others do succeed and we face yet another false dawn of hope and disappointment.

Here's the bottom line: You can't help anyone else to prosper unless you can demonstrate prosperity in your own life.

There's no merit in wearing yourself out running after others until you run out of steam. That would be like giving someone a lift to a town 200 miles away without checking that you had enough fuel in your car. If you aren't whole and full and happy before you try and help another you will end up running on empty and, the odds are, they'll get cross with you for not being able to finish what you started!

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The Spiritual Laws of Prosperity

This Saturday is The Spiritual Laws of Prosperity workshop in Birmingham, England.

Prosperity is the ability to be happy — physically, emotionally, spiritually - and financially – whatever the external climate.
All poverty is first experienced in the soul: it is through making peace between ego, self and soul that we can live a truly abundant life.

This workshop will teach you how to align yourself with the spiritual substance that flows to us all and offer techniques for understanding and releasing the fears and thoughts of lack. that so often surround money, finances, and hopes for happiness.

It will include visualisation and exercises that are simple, practical and effective.

It is good to be both spiritual and abundant – how can we possibly help others to prosper if we ourselves live in fear of lack?

Date: Saturday 26th September 2009. Cost: £50

Location: Moseley, Birmingham.

Time: 10.30am to 5.30pm.

Contact Maggy on: 0121 449 0344.

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Marci Shimoff

Amazing free podcast interview with Marci Shimoff. May you be safe; may you be happy; may you be healthy; may you live with ease.

RIP Keith Floyd

I had the delight of working with Keith at the BBC - and my mother never forgave him for being horribly rude about her chives frozen in ice-cubes! He and I had a relationship for a short while; full of surprises, good food (I cooked most of the time however) and a fair amount of alcohol. Rest in peace Keith. Sounds like you had the perfect last day...