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The Law of Attraction and Grace

The one thing that has often concerned me over teachings about the Law of Attraction is the question of Grace. Grace being the gift of mercy, love or healing from what appears to be an external Source whether or not it is merited.

Of course there are many religious interpretations of Grace but this is the most frequently used that I can find.

The Abraham-Hicks teachings tell us that the Law of Attraction works whether we believe in it or not and it’s my experience that Grace also exists whether we believe in it or not. The question is why it turns up when it does and why it doesn’t when it doesn’t.

I think that Grace is real and palpable: that it is both from within us and without us – in that it is the love and mercy of our Higher Selves, our Soul Group and Spirit, all intrinsically part of our incarnate selves — and that it is offered whenever we need it.

I think that Grace is continual; available at all times and in all places. But we have to allow it.

How do we allow it? The same way t…