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How To Understand Your Soul — The Webinar.

Six one-hour sessions to help you understand the interior levels of psyche, soul and spirit. With Rev. Maggy Whitehouse.
Six Monday evenings from 7th November. 7pm GMT. Full details of each session at the end of this blog. All participants receive MP3 recording and Power Point of each session in addition to attending the live seminars online.

To book your place, please email People often speak of 'Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit' but can you distinguish between these different levels within you? If part of life isn't working, it's likely that aspects of the ego genuinely think that they are coming from the soul. Transforming this is vitally important for living a conscious, prosperous and happy life. It is also vital for understanding your own relationship with God. The soul is the pivotal point between heaven and earth. Poverty, both physical and emotional, begins through neglect of the soul. As it says in the Coptic Gospel of Thomas: “If you will no…

The Faith and the Love and the Hope are all in the Waiting

Last month I went on a weekend retreat at Worth Abbey — the Benedictine monastery featured on BBC TV’s The Monastery and The Big Silence.
We followed the monks’ services from Matins at 6.20am to Compline at 9pm and, whatever our religious views might have been, we all found a great sense of peace from the gentle rhythm of the sounds and the movements in the rituals that the monks have been carrying out for more than 40 years (Worth is a modern Abbey).
At every single part of the Divine Office, as it’s known, the eldest of the monks, Father Charles, was present in the monks’ stalls before each service and made his way out after the other monks. Father Charles is in his 80s and very frail. The first time we watched him moving so very slowly with his stick and hobbling out of the church on his own, several of us wondered why the other monks didn’t help him. No one, not even the youngest of the monks, offered him an arm or even waited for him.
But then, as we continued through the daily rout…