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The Miracle Man arrives at Heysham Library.

Miracle Man fan Francesca Kern sent us this picture.


Commitment and the self-discipline it requires are the hardest part of spiritual development. It’s commitment that makes you do the meditation, do the follow-up work; take the time to process and start eliminating whatever it is that now, obviously, has to go.It is lack of commitment that says ‘I meant to do it and the intention is good enough.’ It is lack of commitment that never gets round to meditating; it’s lack of commitment that stops us from thriving. It’s lack of commitment that stops us from unlearning the prosperity blocks that are locked in our egos because it’s just too much effort.The ego doesn’t like commitment, and you can’t blame it. It has been disciplined out of so much of its joy when you were a child. It has been made to show up for stuff that hurt; it’s been told and sold untruths and painful ‘realities’ for so long that it doesn’t realise the difference between external discipline (“you should do that...”) and internal discipline (“the path of the Divine is the n…

The Spiritual Laws of Prosperity - six-week evening Webinar with Maggy Whitehouse.

Brand New — and at an amazing price —The Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Webinar Series with Maggy Whitehouse. A six-part in-depth prosperity course for just £50!
These six life-changing, inspirational, fun and practical Webinars are one-hour sessions covering all the basic principles behind The Spiritual Laws of Prosperity AND newinformation too — Maggy is always learning more and loves to pass on her experiences and insights.

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Topics to covered over the six weeks:

Part One: Money is Part of Prosperity Too.

Many people who are consciously working with the Law of Attraction are still uncomfortable with the idea of using it to draw financial benefits into their lives. This is Maggy's speciality — helping to overcome the resistance to allowing money to be a beneficial source of energy in our lives. There are many 'wealth coaches' out there whose focus on financial issues may feel too pushy and uncomfortable for those engaging in s…

Some good sense.

Good sound sense about how to help yourself, move forward and kick out some of the fluffiness, dross and paranoia that can infect the New Age. Richard Abbot's runs the Natural Living Shows in Birmingham, Cheltenham, Northampton and Peterborough. This is his blog.