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Prosperity Consciousness

For the last 15 years I've been teaching prosperity consciousness. As my Life of Miracles has included adventures, widowhood, making TV documentaries, having my life saved by a brave Chinese security guard, emigrating twice in 11 months, a gloriously happy marriage, having five books published, living a wonderfully healthy and wealthy life and being really rather happy...I've tested all this prosperity work to the full.

You can read more about it on but here's one of the articles that I've sent out on my free monthly Prosperity Course via emal. If you want to subscribe, just send me an email to


How to make a Prosperity Wheel

Picturing your own prosperity is a powerful way to bring it to you and one of the best ways to do that is to create a Prosperity Wheel. This is a visual image of what you want to create which acts as a constant reminder to think about abundance and happiness instead of misery and lack.

Many spiritual …

The Four Faces of Jesus

This is an article outlining one chapter of my book 'The Metaphysical Jesus.' Hopefully I'll find a publisher for this one in the next year.

The Four Faces of Jesus

Copyright Maggy Whitehouse 2005 (author of The Book of Deborah and Into the Kingdom).

One of the great theological debates about the New Testament is ‘why four gospels?’ We know that many more were written, including the famous Nag Hammadi scripts with writings by the disciples Philip and Thomas and even one accredited to Mary Magdalene. These were Gnostic gospels which had a very different ‘take’ on the world – believing in the idea of ‘external evil’ as opposed to the ‘all creation is good’ teachings of Genesis and of Jesus’ time.

However, there were other non-Gnostic gospels that were also rejected including The Infancy Gospel of Thomas, The Gospel of the Egyptians and the Gospel of the Hebrews.

It is very unlikely that the four Gospels selected for the New Testament were picked at random. There had to be a rhyme…

A Life of Miracles (2)

This is the 'set-up' chapter of the fictional book based on my life in Montana and Spain and bringing Didi home...I always wanted to write about a character 'Watlington P Risborough' having been amused so many times by the signpost on the M40 to London which points the way to Watlington and Princes Risborough but doesn't have the space...

Frankly Speaking Chapter Two
copyright Maggy Whitehouse 2002

It is night time and I am sitting by the French windows overlooking the lower village, the mountains and, far below, the sea. Frankly is asleep on her rug at my feet, her nose whiffling as she chases rabbits in a dream. We are surrounded by lighted candles to enhance the dim bulbs of the wooden four-branch chandelier hanging over the dining table.

I have a book in my hands but I am not reading, rather sitting in a quiet dream, assimilating my day and tracing very slight echoes of fear and loneliness which keep approaching but are, so far, being rebuffed by an unusual feelin…

The Buffalo Ghost of Livingston

On Buffalos, (mostly dead)
copyright Maggy Whitehouse 2000

A buffalo haunts the lobby of the Murray Hotel in Livingston. The ghost is rarely seen of course but everyone knows that it exists. A buffalo in a hotel is one of the better kind of ghosts without a doubt because there can be so much enjoyable speculation about how it got there and why it would bother to become a ghost about it. What is more, no one can claim that the spectral departed is a relative of theirs (even in Montana) and no one has ever claimed that it spoke to them or that they believed it to be a member of the hotel staff until it laughed hollowly and vanished through the wall.

On a particularly dark night you could be forgiven for thinking that you had seen the ghost - and that it actually was playing silly buggers with the wall - for the simple reason that the walls of the hotel lobby are covered with the stuffed busts of animals including one of a massive buffalo. No one will confirm or deny whether that particular…

My Websites

I have FOUR websites: This is, not surprisingly, about about offering spiritual funerals. This is about the Judaic mysticism of 2000 years ago. It's now known as Kabbalah and the popular kind is a 16th century re-working of the original, which was called Merkabah or 'Chariot Riders.'
I study and teach the original.
The main difference is that the old tradition believes, as it says in the Book of Genesis, that when God created the world, He created it good. And that evil is a result of the misuse of free will by humanity.
The new tradition believes that when God created the world he made a mistake and that evil entered as an external force. - Tethered Camel Ltd. is the publishing company that I run with my husband Peter Dickinson and our friend Jon Taylor. - a guide to living abundantly. I do a monthly FREE prosperity email course so if you're interested, email me on mw@pureprosperi…

The Bite of Bozeman

Every year, Bozeman, Montana holds the 'Taste of Bozeman' Festival. Restaurants serve meals all down the High Street. For cafes, like ours, it's the 'Bite of Bozeman' where we can offer snacks to people passing by to the other events that make this festival a highlight of the summer.

Before my ex and I were slung out of Montana by the US Embassy (God bless it), we had entered for the Bite of Bozeman. Now, back there alone, I had to try and handle it myself. The miracle in this story was the kindness of my friends...

The Bite of Bozeman
copyright Maggy Whitehouse 2000

God, do I wish that I had never entered us in the Bite of Bozeman. The ‘bite’ for us is the continued rejection of the visa and the closing date for applications was when I still had some hope that Jonathon was coming out.

Call it an affirmation of faith if you like - because I knew perfectly well that I couldn’t handle it myself.

And guess what? I have to handle it myself.

There are two mandatory meetings …

The Bravest Man in Montana

Charles is gay. And he enjoys dressing up in women's clothing. In Montana, that's brave.

I knew nothing of this, only that Charlie had arrived in my life like a miracle to manage the cafe for me when I was in Montana on my own. My (now ex) husband was the one with the retail experience and my visa didn't allow me to work in my own I needed help. Charles was at the end of some official sick benefit but was now perfectly well. The American rules and regulations however didn't allow him to work for anyone for money. So he ran the cafe for free...

Thank you Charlie. Like Robin, you were a miracle.

The Bravest Man in Montana
Copyright Maggy Whitehouse 2000

Charles is standing in front of me asking which dress I think he should wear for the review he is hosting. One of them is spangly royal blue with sequins and the other a deep, rich gold. They are of very simple design - flattering to the woman of fuller figure - and he made them himself.

We decide upon the gold …

Robin's Facelift

Robin was (and I hope still is) the most beautiful and loving of actresses. She's a Texan who returned home soon after I left Montana. I completely lost touch with her after that, which I regret. I owe her a lot. She saved my life when I was alone in Bozeman, trying to sell the cafe and get Didi home. During that time, Robin had a face-lift and came to stay with me in order to recover. This is my diary of the day she came.

Robin’s Facelift.
Copyright Maggy Whitehouse 2000.

It is four o’clock and Jennifer has just knocked on the back door.

‘Try not to react,’ she says, warningly. ‘She looks a terrible mess.’

And then the sweet little space alien hovers into view. Robin’s face is a jigsaw puzzle of purple, blue, red and bright, bright pink. Her eyes blink out of clown make-up and the lasered area around her mouth looks like the jowls of a Walt Disney character. Wrapped round her head and under her chin is elastic lint to support the jaw - like Marley’s ghost.

Strangely enough, she looks …

Montana Cowboys

This is a 100% true story of a Sunday in Montana before we moved out there.

Manhattan Cowboys
Copyright Maggy Whitehouse 2000.
Sunday May 10th 1997

(In Montana on my own, doing final negotiations to buy the cafe. I’ve booked a ride at a nearby ranch).

I always smile when I drive through Manhattan, Montana. Three bars, a grain silo and a railway line - a far cry from its namesake to the East. Today, I think I’ll have breakfast there as it’s on the way to the stables. I park by the railroad and, as it is getting hotter by the minute, I take off my cord shirt and put it in the boot. Then I shut the boot. With the key in it. And I have locked the car doors.

It is one of those moments when you just don’t believe it.

There was a pub right behind me called the Broken Arrow so I went in and asked the barmaid if she knew of anyone who could get into a car (Preferably legally!) She directed me to the police station, just a block away.

There was no one at the police station but four cowboys were a…