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The List.

This time of year is when children write to Santa Claus asking for what they want for Christmas. The angels of Earth (whether human or otherwise) have been carrying these messages for centuries and are expecting them.

In previous years I’ve encouraged you to write a letter dated a year from now telling of all the wonderful things that will have happened in our life in 2009 so, if you did that, check it out and see how much did come true.

Of course it’s a great idea to do that again if you want to – but this year, I’m going to suggest that you make The List to the Universe for what you want in the next year (and always). After all, if you don’t know what you want and don’t ask for it, then God and the Universe don’t know what to give you.

The List should be AT LEAST two pages long, written in longhand. That’s because it’s good to write and write and write to find out what you really do want — and to get past that childhood training of ‘I want doesn’t get.’ And it should be full of fantas…

Get Inspired!

There's a wonderful new internet venture called the Get Inspired Project run by a lady called Toni Reece who is interviewing one inspirational person per day for 365 days.

I'm delighted and privileged to be 'Day 35' and you can hear Toni's interview with me on The Get Inspired Project

A good idea to listen rather than read the transcribed text as there are some fun US/UK transliterations there.

Don't forget to read/listen to a good few of the other interviewees, particularly the wonderful Barbara Winter.

Thank you Toni. I think what you are doing is totally inspiring.

How to Manifest a Beagle

I’ve always been a beagle girl; no other dog (sorry, hound) will do it for me. The first one arrived when I was nine and they’ve been showing up pretty regularly since then.

Interestingly, I’ve only once ever had to pay for one. This is pretty good prosperity – a thoroughbred beagle can cost up to £800.

The first two were the family dogs so they came, like me, as part of the package. The first one I got, after Henry’s death (the legendary Didcot who became the first dog from the USA to UK on Passports for Pets) cost me £400 but that was fine. Her love was for sale and I wanted it!

When Didcot died I grieved as only a dog-loving softie can. I needed to grieve before considering getting another dog — and I couldn’t afford one at the time, apart from the fact that I was working three days a week at the BBC and landing a puppy on Lion wouldn’t have been fair.

I did register on a beagle breeder’s site saying that I’d be interested in a puppy in about a year’s time as a kind of affirmation that…