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The Law of Attraction 101.

Top Tips: The Law of Attraction 101.
Have you ever wondered what that Law of Attraction that's talked of so often in Spiritual and Holistic circles might be about? Here's a beginner's guide.
·Whatever you think about you begin to create in reality. This is the Law of Karma in action – what you put out you get back. What goes around, comes around. Nowadays it’s known as The Law of Attraction — similar vibrations are attracted to similar vibrations.
·This is often thought to be a ‘New Age’ thing but it’s very old — and a definite part of the Judaeo-Christian teachings. The Gospel of John starts with, ‘In the beginning was the Word.’ Our words are our thoughts in action and they create reality. Deuteronomy 30:18 sums it up: “I call heaven and earth to bear witness on your behalf this day that I have placed before you life and death; blessing and cursing. Therefore choose life that you and what you sow shall live.” We are choosing what to think every second — even if that choice …

Like Attracts Like...

If you understand the Law of Attraction, ‘like attracts like’ makes sense. For those who believe that opposites attract (as in magnetised fields), it doesn’t.

I think it is true but it can often appear to be untrue. I was a ‘good girl’ when I was young and was always attracted to dangerous men. But the attraction came because, underneath, I secretly wanted to be dangerous myself. I just didn’t have the guts back then.

But I normally make a bit of a face when people say ‘You remind me so much of my friend Sue — I must introduce you; you’ll love Sue,’ because both Sue and I usually don’t like each other that much. Along with that goes ‘You’ve written this book so you must read that book.’

Most of this is projection. If I like it, I think you must like it too because that adds validation to my opinion. Or I’m trying to show you that I’m as smart as you and that if you want me to think you’re smart, then you must read the books or appreciate the people I appreciate.

The ego is very clever…

The Barracuda

I’d given up all hope of getting married by the time I met Henry Barley; I was 32 and although I had had a couple of serious long term relationships nothing had finally 'clicked.'  We met while I was filming a railway documentary in China of all places, even though we had been born less than a mile from each other and he went to school with my brother.

Henry fell in love with me when he saw me rescuing a hedgehog in a Chinese market. It had been bought for someone’s supper and I bought it back and took it out into the countryside to set it free. I fell in love with him because he noticed; and helped me to do something that the rest of the film crew thought was daft.
We had a paradise wedding in the Seychelles four months later, at the beginning of 1989, and both believed that life would follow the path of happy ever. I didn’t even mind that I lost my job – my expertise was all about China and the events of Tiananmen Square in 1988 had made China a no-go area for journalism. B…

Holy Water and Blessing of Objects

I'm asked quite often how to cleanse spaces, whether they are at home or the office. So here is my Church's recipe for Holy Water and the blessing we use for spaces. It works — there are many other ways of blessing a space also so you should choose the one that resonates for you. If the Christian symbology doesn't work, then it's not for you and that's fine...The wording says 'priest' but you are the priest if you are saying the prayers.
The Blessing of Holy WaterFill a jug with water and place about a tablespoon of salt in a small bowl.Where there is a + make the sign of the cross with your hand over the salt or the water.Over the salt say the following:I cleanse you, creature of salt, by the living God, by the holy É God, by the omnipotent É God, that you may be purified from all evil influences, in the name of the most Holy One, who is lord of angels and humanity, and who fills all the worlds with his majesty and glory. Amen.I pray to you, O God, in your …