NEW! Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Teacher Training.

Would you like to be able to teach others how to prosper in the work they were born to do and the life they were born to live? Now you can.

After nearly 20 years of teaching The Spiritual Laws of Prosperity to thousands, Maggy is training up teachers to continue this valuable work worldwide.

The first classes will be held in Birmingham, England this summer.

The Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Teacher Training is a two-weekend training course for those who would like to teach Maggy’s Prosperity Consciousness and Spiritual Marketing Workshops.

Preliminary dates: 15/16 and 28/29 August. The training takes four days.

Only four places remaining. It is likely that there will be further dates Sept-Oct due to the high level of interest.

The course will include a refresher on the two workshops themselves and both oral and written instructions on how to teach them on. It will be certificated.

More and more people are setting up as holistic practitioners nowadays but they are falling flat because of their inner beliefs about money and prosperity and a lack of knowledge of how to market themselves on the 'spiritual internet' with internal work as well as simple physical marketing techniques.

If you are interested in this work, or would like to organize training classes in your area, please email Sarah Jackson on

The Power of Hidden Beliefs

For the last few months I’ve been trying an experiment. It was pretty brave of me to do it as a teacher of prosperity but I thought it was worth trying.

At every workshop I’ve done and at every talk I’ve given I’ve said the following:

“They say that if you do what you love, the money will follow. But that’s rubbish isn’t it?”

every group I’ve got a sea of relieved nods, deep sighs and a sense of people letting go of tension and even distress. It even happened among the Masonic community in Washington particularly among those who are working in holistic health.

The only disagreements were from the people who were in ‘real jobs’ that they loved. But every one of them admitted that they worked too hard; didn’t get to see enough of their families and felt stressed out much of the time.

When I was a child, my mother read me Hans Christian Anderson’s story ‘The Little Mermaid’ and I remember vividly what the mermaid was told if she wanted to have legs and live on land: “You have to suffer to be beautiful.”

Such childhood stories lodge deep in our souls in the belief that we must suffer if we are following our desire to be lovely — whether physically, psychologically or spiritually. My mother stopped expecting me to be wealthy and started expecting me to be overworked the day I was ordained. My former teacher said ‘If only you could make a living from it!’ when my first novel was published.

Yet it’s not them; it’s me. I wouldn’t be able to hear them say those things if they weren’t already in my programming. And I’ll own up — I do still have a little of that programming. But here’s the deep, deep secret that I’ve finally learnt:
the money does come if you are truly moving with your spiritual growth. The second you get stuck in the pain of admin or in ‘shadow inspiration’ it stops. And it stops big time.

You’ll know by now that money is purely energy and that it reflects our inner beliefs perfectly. But have you spotted the moment when you moved from doing your heart’s desire to struggling to make a buck?

Jesus said ‘Ask
believing and it is given’ but if there’s any doubt, anywhere, the horrid truth is that the doubt wins. And we contribute to other people’s doubt by our own inner beliefs and casual sayings.

I’m just back from teaching Kabbalah to a group of Masons in Washington DC. It was wonderful, fabulous and inspirational — probably because I’ve finally owned up to being a Kabbalist first and foremost and a prosperity teacher second (and all that’s Kabbalah too). I stayed in a wonderful, luxurious house was fed and fĂȘted and swam every day in a fabulous pool. And that luxury was part of the payment for the work I did. Which, by the way, paid up every single dollar I had asked for even though it was all by donation.

When I posted that on
Facebook some new friend immediately started posting conspiracy theories about how evil Masons are. I unfriended him. I’ve learnt that when it come to denying your inner doubts you can’t afford to let any passing negativity get away with it. My experience of Masons was that they were intelligent, kind, generous and fascinated to learn the spiritual meaning of their rituals — and I want it to remain that way. I’m proud of myself that that’s all the negative comment I’ve received.

A year ago I helped a group of Kabbalists host a conference in Washington DC and took part in it myself. I didn’t headline it (although I was the only non self-published author). The flak I got back for daring to do it was horrifying. At the time I thought it was unfair; now I know that I was the one who unfair to me — I put more energy into hiding than I did in showing up and the Universe dug me out with a trowel.

You want to be beautiful? Don’t compromise. Don’t shove others into the limelight before you. Don’t deny your God-given talent to be YOU. If we don’t believe in ourselves, then the Universe can’t believe in us either.

So this month’s prosperity tips are:

1/ Check your inner beliefs again and again and AGAIN. They are what’s stopping you from prospering. Top of the list of possibles is the belief that you have to suffer to be beautiful.

2/ Watch out for ‘shadow inspiration.’ That’s when you are helping others to become what you truly want to be. That one’s a killer. And it extends to helping others be healthy when you’re not… Sorry about that but it’s no time to pull punches.

Enjoy your summer — and remember to shine.

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