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New Year Re-Solutions

Why not take a look at the word ‘resolution’ before you tie yourself up in knots trying to set yourself goals that you may not be able to meet?

Ironically, ‘resolution’ is directly derived from the Latin verb resolvere, which means to untie, unfasten, loosen, unbind, etc. It doesn’t mean to make your life even harder for yourself even if it’s in the name of health, fitness or goodness.

The prefix re- was added to the verb solvo by the Romans to further strengthen the meaning of loosening or unbinding. The prefix re- has two distinct meanings. On the one hand the prefix re- means ‘again’, on the other hand it implies ‘backward’ or ‘back.’

When the Romans affixed re- to the front of the verb solvo and developed the verb resolvo, they simply intensified the word itself. Instead of having a basic meaning of to loosen, now the word meant to loosen “again and again” OR to loosen the past. (thanks to for the info).

So this New Year, what can you unravel rather than setting …

The List.

This time of year is when children write to Santa Claus asking for what they want for Christmas. The angels of Earth (whether human or otherwise) have been carrying these messages for centuries and are expecting them.

In previous years I’ve encouraged you to write a letter dated a year from now telling of all the wonderful things that will have happened in our life in 2009 so, if you did that, check it out and see how much did come true.

Of course it’s a great idea to do that again if you want to – but this year, I’m going to suggest that you make The List to the Universe for what you want in the next year (and always). After all, if you don’t know what you want and don’t ask for it, then God and the Universe don’t know what to give you.

The List should be AT LEAST two pages long, written in longhand. That’s because it’s good to write and write and write to find out what you really do want — and to get past that childhood training of ‘I want doesn’t get.’ And it should be full of fantas…

Get Inspired!

There's a wonderful new internet venture called the Get Inspired Project run by a lady called Toni Reece who is interviewing one inspirational person per day for 365 days.

I'm delighted and privileged to be 'Day 35' and you can hear Toni's interview with me on The Get Inspired Project

A good idea to listen rather than read the transcribed text as there are some fun US/UK transliterations there.

Don't forget to read/listen to a good few of the other interviewees, particularly the wonderful Barbara Winter.

Thank you Toni. I think what you are doing is totally inspiring.

How to Manifest a Beagle

I’ve always been a beagle girl; no other dog (sorry, hound) will do it for me. The first one arrived when I was nine and they’ve been showing up pretty regularly since then.

Interestingly, I’ve only once ever had to pay for one. This is pretty good prosperity – a thoroughbred beagle can cost up to £800.

The first two were the family dogs so they came, like me, as part of the package. The first one I got, after Henry’s death (the legendary Didcot who became the first dog from the USA to UK on Passports for Pets) cost me £400 but that was fine. Her love was for sale and I wanted it!

When Didcot died I grieved as only a dog-loving softie can. I needed to grieve before considering getting another dog — and I couldn’t afford one at the time, apart from the fact that I was working three days a week at the BBC and landing a puppy on Lion wouldn’t have been fair.

I did register on a beagle breeder’s site saying that I’d be interested in a puppy in about a year’s time as a kind of affirmation that…

The Law of Attraction and Grace

The one thing that has often concerned me over teachings about the Law of Attraction is the question of Grace. Grace being the gift of mercy, love or healing from what appears to be an external Source whether or not it is merited.

Of course there are many religious interpretations of Grace but this is the most frequently used that I can find.

The Abraham-Hicks teachings tell us that the Law of Attraction works whether we believe in it or not and it’s my experience that Grace also exists whether we believe in it or not. The question is why it turns up when it does and why it doesn’t when it doesn’t.

I think that Grace is real and palpable: that it is both from within us and without us – in that it is the love and mercy of our Higher Selves, our Soul Group and Spirit, all intrinsically part of our incarnate selves — and that it is offered whenever we need it.

I think that Grace is continual; available at all times and in all places. But we have to allow it.

How do we allow it? The same way t…

Prosperity and Selfishness

At last Saturday's Spiritual Laws of Prosperity workshop the old fear of being prosperous being selfish reared its ugly head. It's such a guilt trip that we have taken on - along the lines that everyone else I love can do well (and I'll help them) but it would be wrong and selfish for me to be wealthy.

And yet, secretly (of course) we feel envy when the others do succeed and we face yet another false dawn of hope and disappointment.

Here's the bottom line: You can't help anyone else to prosper unless you can demonstrate prosperity in your own life.

There's no merit in wearing yourself out running after others until you run out of steam. That would be like giving someone a lift to a town 200 miles away without checking that you had enough fuel in your car. If you aren't whole and full and happy before you try and help another you will end up running on empty and, the odds are, they'll get cross with you for not being able to finish what you started!

The only…

The Spiritual Laws of Prosperity

This Saturday is The Spiritual Laws of Prosperity workshop in Birmingham, England.

Prosperity is the ability to be happy — physically, emotionally, spiritually - and financially – whatever the external climate.
All poverty is first experienced in the soul: it is through making peace between ego, self and soul that we can live a truly abundant life.

This workshop will teach you how to align yourself with the spiritual substance that flows to us all and offer techniques for understanding and releasing the fears and thoughts of lack. that so often surround money, finances, and hopes for happiness.

It will include visualisation and exercises that are simple, practical and effective.

It is good to be both spiritual and abundant – how can we possibly help others to prosper if we ourselves live in fear of lack?

Date: Saturday 26th September 2009. Cost: £50

Location: Moseley, Birmingham.

Time: 10.30am to 5.30pm.

Contact Maggy on: 0121 449 0344.

From my book, The Spiritual Laws o…

Marci Shimoff

Amazing free podcast interview with Marci Shimoff. May you be safe; may you be happy; may you be healthy; may you live with ease.

RIP Keith Floyd

I had the delight of working with Keith at the BBC - and my mother never forgave him for being horribly rude about her chives frozen in ice-cubes! He and I had a relationship for a short while; full of surprises, good food (I cooked most of the time however) and a fair amount of alcohol. Rest in peace Keith. Sounds like you had the perfect last day...

The Nature of Money

A wonderful story (told my by my friend Hilary) about the nature of money:

It is the month of August, on the shores of the Black Sea .. It is raining, and the little town looks totally deserted. It is tough times, everybody is in debt, and everybody lives on credit.

Suddenly, a rich tourist comes to town.

He enters the only hotel, lays a 100 Euro note on the reception counter, and goes to inspect the rooms upstairs in order to pick one.

The hotel proprietor takes the 100 Euro note and runs to pay his debt to the butcher.

The Butcher takes the 100 Euro note, and runs to pay his debt to the pig breeder.

The pig breeder takes the 100 Euro note, and runs to pay his debt to the supplier of his feed and fuel.

The supplier of feed and fuel takes the 100 Euro note and runs to pay his debt to the town's prostitute who in these hard times, gave her "services" on credit.

The hooker runs to the hotel, and pays off her debt with the 100 Euro note to the hotel proprietor to pay for the…

Introduction to my new book: 'The Spiritual Laws of Prosperity'

Download my new book The Spiritual Laws of Prosperity from the Pure Prosperity website

The great American mystic Joseph Campbell said you could tell the focus of a society by the height of its buildings.

Up until a century ago, churches and temples were the tallest buildings. Then administration took over. Now our great monuments are dedicated to commerce and economics.

Everyone faces his or her own issues with money but those on a spiritual quest have the harder task as they seek to make peace with the issue of God and Mammon. In simple truth, there is no conflict: the Source is the source of all including financial prosperity — but that is not what we have been taught.

Money was invented by humanity; it is a purely imaginative thing fuelled by belief. We have come to see it as a source of evil, inequality and a power in its own right and we have lost the ability to understand it as a natural resource responding to peace and trust at the soul level.

As a teacher of prosperity consciousne…

Prosperity and Jesus

Jesus was poor, right?


I apologise if this ruins your idea of the perfect Christmas nativity complete with heartless inn-keepers but it is much more likely that the story of Jesus’s birth was just one in a long line of prosperity miracles.

You’d expect that from a Son of God really, wouldn’t you? It’s plain silly to think someone as clear, loving and powerful as Jesus was broke. And yet we are still infected with the idea that Jesus was poor and that, if we are ‘good’ people, we should follow that very same path.

In the Christian world, the most often quoted objection to spiritual prosperity is not from Jesus at all. It’s attributed to St Paul: “The love of money is the root of all evil.” (1 Timothy: 6)

This is what the King James Bible says:

Having food and raiment let us be therewith content.

But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare and many foolish and hurtful lusts which drown men in destruction and perdition.

For the love of money is the root of all evil; whic…

The Wisdom Cap Pilgrimage

The plumber came round on a Tuesday morning wearing a navy blue baseball cap with an image of a mountain and the word Wisdom on it. It really floated my boat to think that you could walk around with “wisdom” on your head so I had to find out how to get one.

The answer was simple: there’s a town called Wisdom in western Montana and they sell caps…

At the time, my ex and I were living somewhat precariously in Bozeman, Montana, trying to run a café. We had visa problems which were soon to ensure that we were forced to sell the café and move back to the UK. The whole story of how I got a visa in order to return to Montana, sell the café and get my beloved beagle, Didcot, home, have been told elsewhere in this blog. This is the story of the hat.

While I was living in Bozeman on my own, I was in such fear that I decided to set myself some goals to raise my spirits. The main one was to travel to Wisdom (I could do with some, I thought) and get myself a cap.

It wasn’t an easy journey; it was …

Re-born book! The Little Book of Prosperity.

Well here it is - the new/old baby.The Little Book of Prosperity, revised and updated for crunchier times and with a pretty new cover. It's 4000 words longer and actually smaller. The wonders of modern publishing!
I've spent today updating my website which, for me is a pretty darn amazing experience. And you can now buy the book online thanks to my sometimes frustrated, sometimes joyous efforts (I think a glass of wine will be appropriate tonight). The real book that is. It may take me a day or two more to work out how to put it up there for you to download!
Why am I doing my own website? Well because it's mine (Taurus!) and if I do it then it really has my energy on it rather than being designed by someone who may be brilliant but isn't me. I've seen a lot of websites that are flash and cute but just don't tell me anything about the owner. I guess I'm showing my age and my star sign here but it's also good for me to learn how to do new things. And once …
Lion and me in Japan (not that you can tell!)

The Spiritual Law of Cleansing

Everything we experience is within us.

Spiritual work is often referred to as ‘remembering’ or as ‘peeling off the layers of an onion’ to get to the heart of ourselves. We can only do that if we believe that at the heart of ourselves there is something good. If we believe that we are evil to the core, we will be unwilling to go there — no matter how many holistic workshops we attend or spiritual books that we read.

I got there for a brief moment at the very beginning of my spiritual search but, even though I’ve spoken of that moment many times in discussions on grief or despair, it was nearly 20 years before I finally got it.

My first husband, Henry, had died just a few weeks earlier and already friends were saying ‘don’t cry’ when I wanted to howl so I was closing in on myself in the grief. I was miserable one evening so I decided to sit in the bath with a gin and tonic and allow myself the unhappiness instead of tying it up in a little bag and hiding it in my wardrobe.

I had to push it…

Tithing - the metaphysical way

Most people think that tithing is a Biblical command to give the first ten per cent of your earnings to charity. However, the system was invented to harness the Law of Attraction. It does address an order of giving when money comes in – but it is emphatic that this is in order to bless you and to bring prosperity back to you.

The word “tithe” means one tenth but in ancient days a tenth did not necessarily mean a tenth of all your income – because most people didn’t have an income! They dealt in trade and, as a general rule, a tenth was one whole thing – as in one whole chicken, one whole sheep, one fig, one cheese. In the modern world, it can mean one whole banknote or one whole coin. There’s no need to fear that you will be asked to give more than you can afford. One penny or one cent is a good first step in tithing. You can build up to the more traditional ten per cent if you want to (but only if you want to).

The order of tithing is simple:

1 Spiritual Tithe (Leviticus 27:30)

2 Celebr…

Chapter One - From Credit Crunch to Pure Prosperity

Here's a taster of my new book - published by O Books in the autumn:

Chapter One: The Credit Crunch and the Law of Attraction

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself -- nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt said these immortal words in 1933 at the time of the Great Depression.

How right he was. Whenever we are told repeatedly that there is a problem, particularly a problem with something that carries as much emotional weight as money, we are bound to feel afraid. It is the human Ego’s natural response to negative outside stimuli. But, in the modern world, fear itself is the root of most of our problems. Fear – or adrenalin – was designed to make us either run away or to attack. Both of these are appropriate reactions if we are faced with an angry grizzly bear. Both are totally inappropriate if we are dealing with intangible matters such as love, happiness – and money.

Money is intangible?…


In December I had an article published in a major US magazine - The Secrets of the Bible supplement to US News. And since then, my profile having been raised somewhat, my in-box and mail box have been regaled with articles and newsletters from some amazing people. Some I have discarded because I didn't like the feel of them; others I have read with interest. But what interested me most was that they all wanted me to hear their voice - and validate it for them.

There's nothing wrong with that - after all I am writing this so that you can hear my voice. Most of these people were casting their bread upon the waters and writing to a total stranger. Nothing wrong with that either. But in addition to the emails and newsletters that I'm sent because I'm a subscriber to certain sites, I've been truly overwhelmed by information.

It made me take a whole week out to catch up on my reading. That's a challenge to do even if you do work for yourself. And it's taught me a …

Angel Curry

I’ve always been a little bit snappish about angel work. It’s not that I don’t believe in angels; it’s more that I’ve always preferred to go to the Head Honcho rather than the staff. After all, if you want the Boss to help you out and you know you’ve got direct access to his office, why ask the Receptionist, the people from Human Resources or even the Head of Security?
And to be honest I’ve come across a lot of people who talk about angels in a very fluffy manner but whose lives don’t appear to be working very well and that never endeared the practice to me.

The Jewish and Alchemical mystical traditions which I’ve studied for the last 15 years teach that the energy forms that we generally call angels are pure forces of Divine aspects which have no free will. They have never been human and even if they can appear on Earth as humans, they have no experience of human physicality unless we invite them to experience it through us.

That’s different from our guides and spiritual beings whom we…