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New Year Re-Solutions

Why not take a look at the word ‘resolution’ before you tie yourself up in knots trying to set yourself goals that you may not be able to meet?

Ironically, ‘resolution’ is directly derived from the Latin verb resolvere, which means to untie, unfasten, loosen, unbind, etc. It doesn’t mean to make your life even harder for yourself even if it’s in the name of health, fitness or goodness.

The prefix re- was added to the verb solvo by the Romans to further strengthen the meaning of loosening or unbinding. The prefix re- has two distinct meanings. On the one hand the prefix re- means ‘again’, on the other hand it implies ‘backward’ or ‘back.’

When the Romans affixed re- to the front of the verb solvo and developed the verb resolvo, they simply intensified the word itself. Instead of having a basic meaning of to loosen, now the word meant to loosen “again and again” OR to loosen the past. (thanks to for the info).

So this New Year, what can you unravel rather than setting …