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The murder of a dear friend...

On 19th June 2006, my husband's and my business partner was going to bed in his London flat when he heard the sound of his 83-year-old upstairs neighbour falling over. He went upstairs to see if she was okay. She was not. A man who had helped her when she fell over in the street the week before had called round; she let him in and he attacked her.

Jon told the man to leave but the man then hit Barbara in the face again. Jon picked up the telephone and called the police.

The man then attacked him with a pair of scissors – and killed him.

How is this a prosperity story? In many ways. But sometimes it takes a gigantic leap of faith to see that. Catherine Ponder, the Unity minister and author, had a famous phrase ‘I can hardly wait to see the good that comes from this.’

Firstly, let me say that we are both grieving, along with Jon’s family (who live abroad) and that we miss him deeply.

Secondly, let’s look at this as a cautionary tale about the Law of Attraction. Jon was a lovely man;…