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Back to Basics — Clearing That Clutter

It’s been a long time since I included clutter-clearing in any of my workshops or articles because it’s what I was doing 15 years ago and nowadays it seemed to be so old hat. Surely everyone knows that ?

But no. I’ve been reminded this week that it’s still the most important first step there is to clearing space for new prosperity.

Many years ago, I had a brand new and extremely handsome boyfriend who was very hot on keeping things tidy. I wasn’t. One day he turned up unexpectedly and, seeing him through the window, I frantically hurled every bit of untidiness I could find into the cupboard under the stairs (on top of three feet of other stuff) and opened the front door to greet him.

He kissed me, came in and took off his coat. As I went into the kitchen to make some tea, he tried to put his coat away in the cupboard… The ironing board promptly fell on him weighted down with what appeared to be half a ton of rubble.

The relationship did not thrive.

So it’s an easy jump to realising that i…

Maria Vittoria Longhitano

Many congratulations to my fellow 'Old Catholic' priest Maria Vittoria Longhitano - Italy's first woman priest.

She's going to be referred to as 'Mother.' That certainly hasn't happened to me yet..

Wonderful news - details from the BBC

The Miracle Man - Cowell as Christ?

The forces of good and evil confront each other in a showdown after 21st century Messiah changes the world order

Houston, TX, May 17, 2010 - In The Miracle Man (O-Books), Maggy Whitehouse cleverly charts two years in the life of a modern-day Messiah who becomes a judge on The Miracle Mile (America’s Got Talent), living in the spotlight of the modern media where every move is splashed across newspapers, television and the internet, including his healing powers that are used to obliterate drugs, alcohol, gambling – all and any of the dangerous addictions prevalent in today’s society. The story follows the exact chronology of the four Gospels of the New Testament, featuring every major character, but giving them modern names and providing updates to each story that make it appealing to the secular world of today.

Josh Goldstone is the new Messiah; a quiet and unassuming man, married to a TV star and celebrity judge who is killed when their car crashes into a lake in Nevada. Josh vani…