Heading for the Edinburgh Fringe

Quite a few of you know that I'm a comedian. And in August I'm doing a one-woman show called at the Edinburgh Fringe.

So, I was happily planning to do all the promotional stuff in the last two week. You know the kind of thing — press releases to radio, newspapers and TV, event page on Facebook, regular updates on social media etc.

And then our Internet connection went down. And I mean down. It just vanished. And, on the day I'm writing (31st July), it's still not back. Plusnet and BT have spent the last fortnight trying to find what's wrong (and blaming each other). It's not just us, it's 12 people on Plusnet in Whiddon Down area, Devon.

So it's been a very peaceful time really. And very suitable for lots and lots of rest. We didn't worry a lot because Plusnet told us virtually every day that it should be solved in 24 hours. And the BT people said the same. Eventually, we did go down to the shop at South Zeal where, in return for a cuppa in their cafe, Alex let us log on to the net. There aren't an awful lot of Internet cafes where we live and most of our local friends had the same problem that we had, if they weren't away on holiday.

So, God will have to do my PR for me. Fair enough. I expect He/She is really good at that.

Instead, it's been time for lots more inner work — and huge gratitude that I am getting to go to Edinburgh (well, I'm already there) because a year ago, this did seem quite a bit of a risk. But I am here. I am well enough to do this. I will be going into the city tomorrow to pick up all my leaflets and start spreading the news.

I am so grateful to be here; to be doing this ... and to be staying at the lovely home of a lady called Anne-Marie Birch whom I met five years ago when I did a prosperity workshop in Edinburgh. She's on AirBnB and I'm currently sitting in her little turquoise single room with my packing reasonably sorted and feeling peaceful and excited.

I flew up on Flybe ... £85 to fly whereas it would be £250+ to take the train. Ridiculous really. But a very easy trip with lovely, helpful people. Mind you, most of my luggage is coming up via MyHermes because that's a cheaper way of getting it here than its going in the hold.

So here we go. Hopefully a daily blog on what it's like to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe....

Time For Some Not Fake Food.