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20. A Perfect Description.

Darn it, I didn't get the eight weeks' holiday (yet). But then mine didn't cost anything like as much either.

A perfect description of a gift that can change your life so incredibly for the better.

It's just three minutes' long so yes, you have the time to click through and watch.

Stacy Kramer, talking at TED.

19. The Prescription is Love ... not Juices.

Even before diagnosis, I was wondering about the raw food route. There are all sorts of diets recommended for critical or chronic illnesses and most of them involve being vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free and mostly - if not completely - raw.

My friend John - who has helped me considerably with EFT - said 'If I had cancer, I'd go 100% raw immediately.'

Well I tried as much raw food as I could. I know it suits some people. I know it's what you're 'supposed' to do. But I lost the will to live. So that was not going to work. What I did get was guilt that I wasn't eating well enough and I the more I tried, the less I ate so that I wasn't eating enough at all. I am not good at raw food recipes; they take a lot of time and I was frightened and worried and having to get used to far too much already.

I began to cry on the phone to my dear friend Adam - who lives a good 150 miles away - and he said the following:

"This is ridiculous. You can't live like th…

18. The Death Wish.

I came across a really interesting website totally by accident – or by Grace – which says the following:
“Anyone diagnosed with cancer feels at the deeper subconscious level of the mind, that life is too hard, painful and overwhelming, and that death is the preferable option to life. At the conscious level of the mind, the person diagnosed with cancer is still wanting to live, but at the deeper subconscious level of the mind, the person is feeling life is simply too hard and unbearable. This creates a chain reaction process where the subconscious mind literally instructs the immune system to slow down and stop working altogether. This causes healthy somatids (tiny living organisms necessary for life that live in our blood) to pleomorphise or change into yeast-like fungus that creates cancer in the body over an 18-24 month period.”
Now this is a website of channeled teachings so that will put most people off (and 99% of them put me off too) and although I’ve learnt a lot about the role o…

17. When are you going to believe?

So there I am, in the archetypical witch's cottage in the heart of Dartmoor, laid down in front of the fire while Suzi the Shaman begins her drumming to take her into the underworld to find the lost shards of my soul that I sent away or lost as a child.

This was 24 hours after I'd been on a weekend religious retreat with some lovely but very orthodox nuns who most certainly would have thrown up their hands in horror at the very idea.

But you go where you are guided to go on a healing journey - that is, if you'll listen to the guidance. I'm pretty good at it in some ways but like most of us I have my blind spots.

There had been a miracle just before Suzi began. I'd been answering her questions as we sat by the window in that incredible house when we both heard a fluttering. It was a peacock butterfly on the inside of the windowsill.

On 2nd December.

Yes, butterflies do hatch inside houses. But it was a bit of a coincidence that this one appeared at that moment ... a…

16. The Power of Names or No More Nigel.

I named the dis-ease 'Nigel' about six months ago ... because that disempowered it for me. The full diagnosis name with its prognosis was scary, not to mention long and complicated to explain.

To me, 'Nigel' recalled a couple of perfectly pleasant guys from my past who hit on me and, when I turned them down, pottered off politely and I never heard of them again. They weren't threatening and they didn't hang around long.

So calling it Nigel was a very good idea.


But now, as I move on through this journey, I think it's time to let Nigel go as well. That's because any name has power and a name with a capital letter can be very powerful indeed. I don't even want a Nigel around any longer so I'm saying goodbye to that name too now. Saying goodbye with thanks because it was very, very helpful when I needed it.

As an example of how names have power I used to tell a story in a workshop. I'd say:

'I saw a brown creature at the bottom of the…

15. Miracles

I know quite a lot about miracles. I've certainly experienced quite a few in my time. And I will experience more. Some of those were big, whopping 'bloody hell!' kind of miracles and others are quieter 'hang on a minute, wasn't that...?' ones. But this blog is called A Life of Miracles and my life has definitely been just that ... and, thank God, continues to be so.

Here are just a few examples from my blogs:

There's why I married Henry Barley.

There's Henry's and my wedding.

There's the barracuda.

There's How To Manifest a Beagle.

There's Getting Didi Home.

I had a wonderful healing miracle too. About eight years ago I developed a rather nasty mole on my right breast. It grew quickly from nothing, was a bad colour and started to divide.

I panicked and ignored it (I know ... I know but I never said I wasn't a coward). Then, the night before my ordination as an independent sacramental priest, I accidentally scratched it in the bath and it…

14. A Simple Guide To What You Might Do to Avoid Cancer

This is exactly that – simple. It’s not definitive and every human being is different. I have no medical training; this is a researched, journalistic article only. It’s not short either but it’s as succinct as I can make it. I do have to put a disclaimer at the end, of course. So you are hereby forbidden to read this until you’ve read that. Okay?
There’s so much stuff on the Internet about what causes/prevents/cures cancer that you could trawl through it for days. I can still hit overwhelm on some days and that’s the last thing anyone wants when they’re already worried. Stress is really, really good for cancer and, as you know, really not good for you.
Everything here is also in Mum's Not Having Chemo by Laura Bond and/or Everything You Need To Know To Help You Beat Cancer by Chris Woollams.
All human beings produce cancer cells but our immune system deals with them quite easily before they get to be a problem. Even if they do grow into a tumour it is very common that the immune syst…

13. But what if I fail?

But what if I fail?

The answer to the what if question is, you will.

A better question might be, "after I fail, what then?"

Well, if you've chosen well, after you fail you will be one step closer to succeeding, you will be wiser and stronger and you almost certainly be more respected by all of those that are afraid to try.

(Seth Godin).

Another good one comes from Mike Dooley's Notes from the Universe:

Would a loving parent ever give a child a story to read that didn't have a wonderfully happy ending?

No, never.

But they might add, "Whatever you do, don't stop reading at the scary bits."

12. Please let me know if I can do anything to help.

Since I began this blog, obviously a lot more people know about Nigel and me and quite a few of them  have messaged or written to me with such love and kindness ... and that wonderfully well-meaning phrase "let me know if I/we can do anything to help."

Help in what way exactly? Are you offering to fund me for a course in intravenous vitamin C? Or to research some stuff on the internet for me? To put Lion and me up for a weekend to give us a break? To look after the beagles if we went abroad? To find out where in the world you can get some vitamin combinations that the EU has banned? Or do some shopping for me? Or spend a little time with my mother? Honestly, I seriously don't know. So how can I ask?

I'm not trying to be mean here but actually it's a pretty unhelpful offer without any indication of the level of help you would like to give.

When Henry died, people said the same thing and because I didn't realise this, I did ask for things.

I asked one friend wh…

11. Some Stuff About the Physical including Vitamin D and candida.

You can do a lot about dis-ease in the physical. My friend John down the road encouraged me to go into raw food. Yes, I could eat nothing but raw food for the next five years and (apart from completely losing the will to live which really isn't a good idea right now...) I probably could control Nigel like that.
I could also try the Gerson diet and all sorts of others and I am eating a half to two thirds of raw foods a day, juicing, eating organic and the like. 
The biggest problem for all of us is that Nigels and their ilk eat sugar whether it's as sugar or as carbohydrates. One slice of cake or a load of pizza and no exercise for the day and if there's a Nigel around, it will get pretty much all of it. Cells in any malignant dis-ease have 90 receptors for sugar where normal cells have just the three.
Most people expect me to be taking the chemical weapons offered by the hospital to shoot down my immune system until either Nigel goes dormant (temporarily) or I die from side e…

10. In the absence of fear, healing must take place.

That's a quotation from the Teachings of Abraham
We are vibrational beings, we are children of a Creator and we are meant to experience joy and be creative. Every religion at its root believes the same - when it's not throwing rocks at other people for believing the same thing differently.
God experiences reality through us. God is not manifest in the world except through us. Mainly, we insist on putting an infinite God in boxes. God doesn’t fit in boxes so whatever God we may have in a box is really nothing like the whole picture. And might be feeling just a tad uncomfortable.
So it’s all really about how we feel and it’s so easy to let what the Australians call ‘orneryness’ to prevail. In my case, it was exacerbated by a lot of fear and some bad relationship stuff but everyone has their own reason for tolerating a certain amount of low-level discontent without even realising it.
Trouble is, that low-level discontent pervades the vibration of the body and, as you are your body’s …

9. The Great Lie

These last few months I've been editing a spiritual book for a client and a sentence in the last chapter really sums it all up for me.

I'm not much of a one for Satan or 'the Tester' but I completely agree with this phrase: "This is the Tester's great lie, that reality is nothing more than Physicality."

A hundred years ago, in the Western World, one person in 200 got their own personal Nigel (or Clarissa or Mavis or Claud). Now it's one in three.


Some US estimates are moving towards one in two.

Most of us 'get' cancer about six times a year but our immune systems just wipe it out cheefully or, as my pathologist friend described, wrap it up safely so there's no harm done. So why are our immune systems not managing it as often as they did?

I believe that this epidemic is a spiritual one. The physical world is the last to react to what's going on in higher worlds. A hundred years ago people were much more tied into religion …

8. Some Days Suck.

Some days of this damn Nigel really do suck. Mostly those are the days when stuff hurts or gets worse. Oh yes, the physical world is quite capable of going in exactly the opposite way of the spiritual and psychological worlds ... at least for a time.
There have been some really major shifts for me in this healing journey and every time I released some deep inner trauma through energy work, inner child work, journey work, the homeopathy or other therapies, Nigel threw a wobbly.
To start with, that was unbelievably scary. Terrifiying . I was a soggy mess on the floor, weeping. But as God, my homeopath, my immunologist, my healers  and my helpers have continued to love, support and guide me, those Nigel-wobblies have sooner or later died down or gone away.
Of course, I can’t tell the hematologist that. I did try and keep her in the loop because you kind of have to come as clean as you can as to what you’re doing, especially if you are steadfastly refusing the majority of the help she is o…

7. This thing about God

God really gets a bad rap. It’s blamed for most of the world’s ills and most of its religions.
Things got written down that are allegedly what God said. Then they were put in boxes. Some of the writings are terrific and some of them are terrifying. All of them, if they were said were relevant for that time. What people often don't realise is that God is quite capable of updating with the times. You would be really, if you were a God.
Most people nowadays will say (if they say anything) ‘I’m not religious – more spiritual.’ They quite understandably don’t want to be tied up with any of the dreadful things that happen in the name of religion.
Lots of people say to me ‘if there’s a God, why is the world such shit?’ (there’s an answer to that on my YouTube comedy video). But basically, the world isn’t shit because of God, if the world is shit it’s because of human beings.
Sure, natural catastrophes happen. That’s because we live on a living, breathing planet that sneezes sometimes. And, f…