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From Credit Crunch to Pure Prosperity Chapter One

Chapter One: The Credit Crunch and the Law of Attraction 
The only thing we have to fear is fear itself -- nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.” Franklin D. Roosevelt said these immortal words in 1933 at the time of the Great Depression.
How right he was. Whenever we are told repeatedly that there is a problem, particularly a problem with something that carries as much emotional weight as money, we are bound to feel afraid. It is the human Ego’s natural response to negative outside stimuli. But, in the modern world, fear itself is the root of most of our problems. Fear – or adrenalin – was designed to make us either run away or to attack. Both of these are appropriate reactions if we are faced with an angry grizzly bear. Both are totally inappropriate if we are dealing with intangible matters such as love, happiness – and money.
Money is intangible? Yes indeed. Money only exists in the mind of humanity. It is less “rea…

HeartWork - Are You Ready To Commit?

This is the time for inspired businesses; for spiritual companies; for working from our soul level.
I’ve been blessed enough to follow my heart’s desire as a career for the last 20 years, writing and teaching on the Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, Kabbalah and Soul Wisdom.
However, along the way I’ve fallen flat on my face many times mostly because I didn’t have companions in the Work to help and advise me where I was going off-course. The advice I got was from people in conventional businesses who didn’t ‘get’ my purpose. As the poet Rumi says: "When setting out on a journey do not consult someone who has never left home.”
Sometimes I was too proud to ask for help or was too busy trying to help other people to give myself time to receive. I’ve been too arrogant to go to workshops which could have helped me; I’ve been resentful when things didn’t work out instead of being grateful for the guidance that I was going in the wrong direction.
And I see others doing just the same as I used…

Why Everybody Else is More Important Than You.

I’ll own up immediately. I think I’m pretty important. Certainly more important than the guy who’s on the phone trying to sell me something I don’t want and didn’t ask for.
And so do you. You almost certainly think (in secret at least) that you are more important than me. Your views matter and are probably better than mine. You know exactly how important you are and sometimes it’s really annoying that other people don’t.
But here’s the biggest secret to doing good business. You have to know that everybody else is more important than you.
It’s no good trying to sell them what you want them to have; you have to find out what they want and how best to get it to them. Then they’ll buy happily because they feel loved, special and looked after.
But even more than that, to succeed in your own business, you have to be sincere. It’s not about flattering with your teeth gritted, it’s about finding something genuinely to appreciate or admire in the other.
Greet them with pleasure, smile, even if you’…

Still in Love with Judas...

God can surprise you from the strangest places. I’m a bit too middle-aged to be on the Lady Gaga bandwagon but one day I turn on the TV and there she is, still in love with Judas. But this a new take on Judas: a hard-riding bruiser of a hell’s angel on a Harley.

Here's the video from YouTube.
Now I’ve been writing about Judas — as bad guy, good guy, misunderstood guy, essential-part-of-the-story guy — since 1994. And suddenly a 25-year-old pop superstar blows my socks off by supplying a link that had been missing in all those years.
“Jesus is my virtue but Judas is the demon I cling to...” Those words might be truer than most of us might like to admit.
Judas is the metaphor for the bad guy — we all know that — the one who held the disciples’ purse; the one called the thief, the one who took 30 pieces of silver in return for leading the guards to Jesus; the one who betrayed his friend and master with a kiss.
He’s our resistance to spiritual growth, to financial prosperity, to following…