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The Miracle Man - reviews please!

It’s now just a two-month count-down until the publication of my new novel The Miracle Man.
Imagine Simon Cowell as Christ! What would happen if US talent show judge became a miraculous healer of body, mind and soul on live TV?
Would the world love him as he helped us heal from war, division, addiction — and shopping? Or would he pose a terrible threat by crashing the economy?
The book is now available for pre-order at and . If you have a vehicle for reviewing books, please let me know and I’ll get the publisher to send you a copy.

Maggy's events for September in London and Birmingham UK.

Three important events to bring to your attention for September — The Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Teacher Training course in September and October and two Spiritual Laws of Prosperity events in LONDON.Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Teacher Training is open to anyone who has attended one of my courses or read my three prosperity books. Dates: 11/12th September and 9th/10th October in Birmingham. This is a certificated two-weekend training course for anyone who wants to be a workshop leader or tutor of prosperity consciousness. What a gift to give the world! It is time to help our friends and colleagues to live an abundant life while doing the work they were born to do. The course includes a teacher’s manual for both the Spiritual Laws of Prosperity and Spiritual Marketing workshops. Fantastic introductory price: only £500. For more details email me at There will be other dates next year so please contact me to express interest.The Spiritual Laws of Prosperit…

Are you making your life or assembling it?

Most people don’t cook; they assemble ingredients. The difference is in the soul of the cook which creates the soul of the meal with love as opposed to putting it together while thinking of something else.

In America, in particular, hundreds of packet foods from the supermarket claim to be ‘home-style when they mean ‘you add some water when you get it home and then heat it up.’

Back in the 1990s when I (briefly) ran a café in Montana, the clientele didn’t understand what I meant when I said our food was ‘home-made’. They thought that everything in any café was ‘home-style’ even when most of it came out of a packet from Sysco — and they didn’t see why they should pay any more for my chocolate fudge cake than they did for a Sysco brownie. (Don’t get me wrong, Sysco packet brownies were, taste-wise, to die for — probably in more ways than one…). It’s just like that in the UK too now.

But cooking … real cooking is about embracing food; cherishing it; appreciating its origins and the process …

Kabbalah and Healing

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