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Prosperity Teachings of the Bible Made Easy - free chapter

Here is a excerpt from my new book Prosperity Teachings of the Bible Made Easy. This is available on and

Chapter Four Life and times in Biblical days. 
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It’s not easy to understand the Bible with a 21st century mind. For a start, we bring so many of our beliefs and projections to the contents. If we have learnt that God is cruel, we will see a cruel God; if we believe that God is good, we will justify or skip over any apparent opposition to that view. If we are Christian, we will read the Hebrew Testament through very different eyes from those of a Jew, an agnostic or an atheist. It is important to understand that we cannot remove ourselves and our beliefs from what is thought to be the world’s best-selling book (six billion sold according to Bookseller World and countless others throughout antiquity). And if, as most of us do, we have specific beliefs about money, wealthy people and authority, then we will be reading through those eyes also…

The New Year Re-Solution

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The most important thing to remember about New Year Resolutions is that the part of you that makes them is not the part of you that has to keep them.

The part of you that has to keep them is not, as a rule, remotely interested in the intention behind the resolution. It didn’t make the promise so it doesn’t see any reason whatsoever to remind you to keep it or support you in keeping it. It doesn’t want you thinner, fitter, smarter or more adventurous. Its entire purpose is to keep things the same as they were.
Why? Because you’re alive. The human ego’s job is just that: to keep you alive. It’s the part of our psyche that works with the tribe to keep everyone going and working together. So far, it’s been doing okay (you are alive aren’t you?). It’s really not interested in whether you’re actually happy or engaged in self improvement because both of those may th…