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In December I had an article published in a major US magazine - The Secrets of the Bible supplement to US News. And since then, my profile having been raised somewhat, my in-box and mail box have been regaled with articles and newsletters from some amazing people. Some I have discarded because I didn't like the feel of them; others I have read with interest. But what interested me most was that they all wanted me to hear their voice - and validate it for them.

There's nothing wrong with that - after all I am writing this so that you can hear my voice. Most of these people were casting their bread upon the waters and writing to a total stranger. Nothing wrong with that either. But in addition to the emails and newsletters that I'm sent because I'm a subscriber to certain sites, I've been truly overwhelmed by information.

It made me take a whole week out to catch up on my reading. That's a challenge to do even if you do work for yourself. And it's taught me a …

Angel Curry

I’ve always been a little bit snappish about angel work. It’s not that I don’t believe in angels; it’s more that I’ve always preferred to go to the Head Honcho rather than the staff. After all, if you want the Boss to help you out and you know you’ve got direct access to his office, why ask the Receptionist, the people from Human Resources or even the Head of Security?
And to be honest I’ve come across a lot of people who talk about angels in a very fluffy manner but whose lives don’t appear to be working very well and that never endeared the practice to me.

The Jewish and Alchemical mystical traditions which I’ve studied for the last 15 years teach that the energy forms that we generally call angels are pure forces of Divine aspects which have no free will. They have never been human and even if they can appear on Earth as humans, they have no experience of human physicality unless we invite them to experience it through us.

That’s different from our guides and spiritual beings whom we…