All the Law of Attraction teachings are clear on the idea that there are three stages.

1/ You ask

2/ Source gives

3/ You allow.

Number three is always the challenging one; it took me ages even to get it, let alone to practice it, let alone to allow it.
But this month I’ve had three lovely examples of how allowing does work.

The theory is that, having asked — i.e. “May my perfect partner come,” you let go of any worries and cares about the outcome and get on with the process of being happy.

But if we are still worrying or wishing or even hoping, that means we are not allowing the process to unfold because we are poking at the vibration instead of letting the Universe getting on with the job.

Or we are seeing more examples of what we don’t want … and commenting on those in our mind or out loud. Even just observing them with distaste or sadness lowers that pesky vibration level again.

Or we are checking in ever so regularly to see if the metaphysical kettle has boiled yet and, if it hasn’t, switching the plug on and off or even changing the fuse.

Just today I asked just to encounter well-mannered dogs on my walk with Dessy because she’s still a bit nervy about bouncy big dogs when she’s off the lead. Then I saw some people with dogs ahead of me and put her back on the lead. A little voice in my head said, ‘Oh I see. You ask for good dogs and then you prepare for bad dogs? Oh ye of little faith!’ I took Dessy off the lead, put on my ‘calm and assertive’ mode and of course, the dogs were all beautifully behaved and Dessy was fine.

Recently, I was doing a Raphael Healing Mass for the survivors of the Haiti earthquake and I asked my Facebook friends if they had any names they wanted me to put on the prayer list for the Mass. To be honest I wasn’t expecting much response as a Mass can sound quite scary or orthodox to people in the New Age field.

Seventeen requests later, I wrote down all the names and began to prepare for the Mass.

Then I received the phone call from my friend Roger saying that his Uncle John had been taken to hospital in an emergency and could I please go and be with him as it would take Roger more than three hours to get up from South London. John has dementia, has no other living relatives and his nursing home couldn’t spare any staff to sit with him for hours in intensive care.

So, I didn’t do the Mass that day.

However, within 24 hours I had four messages of huge gratitude from people saying that something akin to a miracle had occurred in their or their loved one’s life.

It hadn’t happened from this end! Although I did do the Mass the next day and I’m sure that in the higher worlds, time doesn’t matter the way it does on Earth, I think what happened was that the people concerned asked, believed, let go and then the healing could occur.

Meanwhile John was still in big trouble in hospital. Roger kept asking me to pray for him to live and wasn’t in any space for me to say that perhaps John wanted to go. He is 87 after all.

On the second day, Roger had to go home and it was just me alone. John was conscious but not connecting with anything and obviously frightened. I told him that it was absolutely fine for him to die if he wanted to and that he could take his time deciding. Then I held his hand said the ho’oponopono prayer of ‘I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me thank you,’ out loud to him for an hour. He calmed down and his pulse steadied. The staff nurse tried taking him off the oxygen. He was fine and relaxed more. Then I read to him for an hour from Florence Scovel Shinn’s book ‘The Game of Life and How to Play It.’ I really enjoyed doing both and, to be honest, I didn’t mind one way or another whether John lived or died.

When I had to go, I told John that I had to leave and that I would come back the next day. He opened his eyes, looked straight into my eyes, squeezed my hand and said ‘Bye bye.’

Four days later, John is on a ward, out of acute care. He has decided to live — for the moment at least. But I’m sure it helped that he was able to calm down and allow himself to heal in any way he wanted to deep inside.

So February is nominated ‘Allowing Month.’ See if there’s just one thing you can leave to the Universe to take care of for you. Ask, believe and get on with whatever makes you happy. Wishing you a wonderful month.

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