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Goldfish, death and intuition

About this time last year, just before we went away on holiday, one of our goldfish (Horace) went off his food. But he had no other symptoms and it's hard to tell when goldfish are sick unless they are actually floating. Something told me I should get him out of the pond as we were going away but there was nowhere else to put him; no one to feed him and, anyway, he hadn't gone a funny colour and he wasn't any age so there was no reason to think it was serious.

By the time we got back from our week away, Horace had died and, in doing so, had poisoned the water. That meant that three other fish, Doris, Boris and Norris had also died (you could tell in which order it happened; I don't need to go into details!). What's more, Chloris, Morris, Forres and the Bunkum fish were all looking rather sick. __We caught the lot, spent a whole day cleaning out the pond and there were no further fatalities.

Just last week, Forres stopped eating. We were due to go away for a long wee…