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Kabbalah and Interfaith Conference

La Convivencia* presentsKabbalah and InterfaithA three-day conference of international speakers examining how mystical beliefs can promote harmony between faiths.Location: St. Columba URC, Alcester Road, Moseley, Birmingham.Dates: 15th-17th April 2011.This conference aims to show ways in which the ancient oral tradition that underpins the teachings of the Bible can help the ‘People of the Book’ — Jews, Christians and Muslims — to come closer together in mutual understanding. However it also includes more conventional and practical methods to bring people of different beliefs together in peace.Why Kabbalah?Because it is a system that demonstrates how to step up from tribal religious belief to a level of understanding that can help us to accept rather than just tolerate the views of others. Kabbalah was the foundation of the 'convivencia' between Jews, Christians and Muslims for more than 400 years — it has worked before and it can work again.Headline Speakers:Rev. Dr. Megan Wag…

Contributing to the Storehouse of Healing

This is a lovely healing meditation written by my bishop, Rt. Rev. David Goddard:
We have all been deeply stirred by the earthquake and tsunami in the Pacific. Especially by the suffering of the Japanese people. So we are calling on all people of good-heart to join in this united meditation to send positive energy to those who are suffering. A great storehouse for positive energy has been created on the Astral Plane, to help those who are able to consciously project from their physical bodies and to go to help as Invisible Helpers, to help traumatized souls to pass over. And to inspire the rescue-workers to where they can find survivors. From this storehouse the Invisible Helpers can draw strength, inspiration and motivation. You can help by sending energy to the storehouse. The Invisible Helpers administer relief all around the clock – using a relay system – taking their turns on the Astral, while their bodies sleep on the physical plane.

Here is how you can send light-energy to the st…

Careless Talk Costs Pies...

This is a true story about just how literal the Universe and the Law of Attraction are. So we might do well to watch our words!

My friend Philip was in Florida teaching workshops and his hosts took him out to supper at their favourite diner.

In the dessert cabinet at the diner there was just one slice of Key Lime Pie. Now Philip loves Key Lime Pie. And I mean loves Key Lime Pie.

He kept his eye on it throughout the whole meal, praying for it still to be there when they had all finished their main course (it didn’t occur to him that there might be a whole new pie in the kitchen waiting to be put out). As he was so focused on the pie, he didn’t enjoy his salad as much as he would usually have done; he was too focused on that fabulous pie.

Finally, the waitress had taken away their empty plates and returned to ask if they would like any dessert. The pie was still there!

All the others said ‘No thanks, we’re full’ but Philip managed to overcome his fear of being seen to be greedy and said, ‘We…