The 2011 Letter

For the past four years I’ve been writing The Letter at about this time of the year. I find it easier and more successful than making traditional New Year resolutions which my Self may want to achieve but my Ego will fight every inch of the way.

The reason why the Ego fights is because it didn’t make the agreement in the first place. That was the good idea that came from our conscious Self. It felt great to the awakened part of us but was flat-out threatening to the Ego. The Ego’s here to keep us in tribal consciousness because that’s what (in its belief system) makes us safe. Of course this is a rather old-fashioned version of safe as in ‘fitting in with the tribe so that we can all run together and there’s less likelihood of standing out and attracting predators.’ The Ego isn’t happy about updating itself unless it is pointed out very clearly (in a life-threatening kind of way) that the old ways no longer work. Okay so you’ve lived with self-hatred, poverty-consciousness and self-denial for years but you’re still alive aren’t you? To the Ego, that’s quite enough. To the Self that’s painful and frustrating and to the Soul, that’s a living death.

We all know that the Ego resists the new resolutions — probably most health clubs pay 90% of their bills from the memberships taken out in January and never followed-up!

So The Letter is a great way of getting round the Ego. Why? Because it’s pure fantasy. It should be as wide ranging and even as silly as possible and it’s a letter of thanks dated at the end 2011 which acknowledges everything wonderful that has already happened.

Because it’s fantasy and because it’s about gratitude rather than wanting, it carries a very powerful energy. The best thing to do is to write it, address it and put it away for a full year and let it do its magic out of sight and out of mind.

Here are more details on how to do it:

Write a letter to a friend — to someone with whom you only correspond infrequently (someone without email probably!). Date this letter 15th December 2011 and in it tell them of all the splendid, wonderful, amazing, virtually impossibly good things that have happened to you throughout 2011. And invent everything you could possibly want from a perfect home, partner or job to living in the Maldives. Don't worry about seeming grasping or greedy - that fear is exactly what has held you back for so long. Let’s assume here that by the end of 2011 what you write will all have been granted because the Universe has found you worthy (though to be honest, the Universe doesn’t give a monkey’s cuss whether you are ‘worthy’ or not; it just responds to your energy). If you’re not feeling worthy now, let’s assume that something may happen in 2011 that helps you feel worthy! Why not put in the letter, “I don’t know how or why but suddenly I realised that I was worthy of all these good things!”

Please understand that there is a reason why Luis Vuitton bags are made and houses and cars are built – it is so that people can enjoy them. And if you are wealthy, you can do SO much more for others. To believe that you can't be rich because of the starving poor is an argument full of holes. If you are wealthy you can donate; teach and offer time to ensure that they too learn how to be prosperous like you. If you are poor, you can do diddly squat.

And if you're now saying 'but my friend would hate me if I sent him/her a letter like that' then I’d suggest that you find a friend who wouldn't! And that's probably one of the best tasks you could set yourself this year - to be with people who allow you to be prosperous. If there's no one, then plan to send it to me, because I'll be SO happy for you! Email it to me — if you don’t already have it, you can find my email address on my website:

The letter will work best if it's full of enthusiasm and acknowledgement of the good in your life. It's great if you can start off with something that you actually know IS going to happen. That gives you confidence.

Will it happen? Well, it's got a better chance of happening if you do write the letter than if you don't. If you put it away somewhere safe and forget all about it, the chances are pretty high that at least 60% of it will either be with you or on its way by the date you put on it.

What it won’t do is necessarily come true in the way you envisioned it — and it can only come true according to the level of happy energy you place on it. For example, last year one of my written ‘thank yous’ was about becoming a Fellow in the Interfaith Department of Cambridge University. Did that happen? No. But what did happen was an invitation to take up a honorary position at Stafford University which is very much up my street; which doesn’t intimidate me at all (which Cambridge might) and which I can do easily without having to move house. It also came to me completely out of the blue without my having to do another thing to attract it.

The Universe is very clever — as long as you keep the energy high and allow it to deliver what it knows is best for you right now. If I had gone “I don’t want Stafford — I want Cambridge!” I would have denied that good, progressive, organic energy. So I say ‘Yay!” to Stafford and thank you Universe.

Have fun with this; play; enjoy. And I wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year.


Clap Loudly If You Believe

In 1897 eight-year-old Virginia O'Hanlon's friends pooh-poohed her belief in Santa Claus. So she wrote to the local paper to ask if there was a Santa Claus. This is what the editor of the local paper, Francis P. Church wrote in reply:

Virginia, your little friends are wrong. They have been affected by the skepticism of a skeptical age. They do not believe except what they see. They think that nothing can be which is not comprehensible by their little minds. All minds, Virginia, whether they be grown-ups' or children's are little.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. He exists as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist, and you know that they abound and give your life its highest beauty and joy. Alas! How dreary would be the world if there were not Santa Claus! It would be as dreary as if there were no Virginias. There would be no childlike faith then, no poetry, no romance to make tolerable this existence. We should have no enjoyment, except in sense and sight. The eternal light with which childhood fills the world would be extinguished.

Not believe in Santa Claus! You might as well not believe in fairies!

The most real things in the world are those that neither children nor grown-ups can see. Did you ever see fairies dancing on the lawn? Of course not, but that's no proof that they aren't there.

You tear apart the baby's rattle and see what makes the noise inside, but there is a veil covering the unseen world which not the strongest grown-up that ever lived could tear apart. Only faith, fancy, poetry, love, romance, can push aside the curtain and view the beauty and glory beyond. Is it all real? Ah, Virginia, in all this world there is nothing as real and abiding.

No Santa Claus! Thank God! He lives, and he lives forever. A thousand years from now, Virginia, nay, ten times ten thousand years from now, he will continue to make glad the heart of childhood.

From Sarah Ban Breathnach's Simple Abundance (Grand Central Publishing).


Giving and Receiving.

Not an awful lot of giving goes on at Christmas.

That may surprise you. But mostly what goes on at Christmas is exchange.

Not that there’s anything at all wrong with exchange; it’s what makes the world go round; it’s what money is all about. But exchange doesn’t harness the law of attraction in the same way as giving does. That may be why it is that you feel that you give and give and give but nothing seems to come back in return.

After all, most of the world’s spiritual teachings say that the secret of life is giving and that if you give, you will receive. And they’re right. But it has to be unconditional giving — and we’re not very well trained in that.

So let’s take a look at what is giving and what is exchange.

  • It’s exchange when you swap gifts with someone, knowing in advance that this is what’s going to happen.
  • It’s exchange when you have to give a present or you’ll feel bad about being mean.
  • It’s exchange when you give because you should give, because it’s what good people do.
  • It’s exchange when you know you’ll be found wanting by another if you don’t give.
  • It’s exchange when you give in order to have another person thank you or admire you.
  • It’s exchange when you give in order to make sure the other person has the gift that you want them to have rather than something they might have liked better.
  • It’s exchange when you get to go to Nepal or Vietnam or another trip of a lifetime on a sponsored trip in order to help underprivileged kids.

The law of attraction doesn’t give back when it’s exchange. That’s because you got the pay-off immediately. Again, there’s nothing wrong with exchange. We’d all be a lot poorer without it.

But to the law of attraction, it simply isn’t giving if there are any conditions.

Don’t worry; you may well feel great during any part of the exchange process and then your vibration is high and you’ll attract good things. But the vibration has to be clear.

So how do we give? The perfect giving is giving because we can’t help but give; because we are so full and flowing with the joy and grace of life that we can’t help but give. And the most powerful giving of all is when we give privately, in secret, without any expectation whatsoever of reward or payback. The giving itself is the delight. And such giving has such a lovely vibration that the law of attraction flows energy and grace towards you; it’s impossible for it not to.

It’s also giving when you allow someone else the gift of being able to give to you. After all, giving feels so good that it’s a bit mean not to let someone else have that pleasure isn’t it? But to do that, of course, you have to be able to receive.

That’s the other tricky bit.

The inability to receive is the primary reason why we go on giving and giving (or exchanging) when we are running on empty. And again, nothing seems to come back.

It’s receiving when you say ‘thank you.’ It’s refusing to receive when you diss someone else’s gift whether it’s a compliment or something physical.

Okay so the compliment may be for a sweater you got from the charity shop but if the other person likes it and says so, you need to allow them the pleasure of giving that gift by receiving it. And if they think you look good, then do them the respect of allowing their opinion. Whether you think you look like a bag lady or a dog’s dinner is irrelevant at that point. They have a right to have a good opinion of you; that’s their gift.

And I know it’s hard to receive ‘gifts’ that you don’t want from friends and family with gratitude but do it, just this once if you can. That’s the real gift...

But perhaps this is all getting a little too complicated. If there’s any message that I want to get over at this Christmas season, it’s this: give up! By giving up you create space for the new and the good to come.

So if Christmas is a challenging time for you, head for those wardrobes and cupboards now and clear out everything that is no longer relevant. You are not going to fit into that again! You are not going to bring back the ‘good’ past by keeping it. You are not going to go to the ball in that Cinderella! Give it up! Only when you give it up can your fairy godmother bring you the new wonders.

And if you are going to take it to the charity shop (and they will be so pleased this time of year!) then bless it, and bless it and bless it so that your love and blessing goes to the new and grateful owner who will never, ever know who you are.

You can also use the system of tithing. If you want a reminder of that, it’s just two articles down (after this one) on my blog.

Tithing is when you give directly to and for inspiration. That means you are putting your money where your higher self is; where your joy is; to the book, workshop, teacher, whatever, that will bring you closer to the Source energy. And that’s the perfect giving because it has such a clear intention. And the Source flows love straight back to you.

The second tithe is for celebration, which is where you celebrate the joy of being alive. This gives back to the Source too because it gives joy to God that we are experiencing Its creation so happily. So both these are simultaneously giving and receiving. You give for inspiration and joy purely because you want to celebrate growth and life.

So, amid the clutter and fuss, if you want both to give and receive this Christmas, all you have to do is find a sacred or secret place (the middle of a garden or field will do) and give thanks for the year. Bless yourself and everything on this beautiful planet. Perceive that all is very, very good. And leave a little gift of something behind you. It’s not your business who or what picks it up; it’s your unconditional Christmas gift to God. And if you don’t have a physical gift to give, maybe you could do a little dance?

Your gift may not be seen or appreciated by any human being. But it will be adored by the Holy One and it will bring you peace, hope and goodwill in return.

So may your Christmas be blessed and holy and peaceful and filled with goodness and delight.

And enjoy all the exchanging!

Las Vegas follow-up

The good intentions... the good intentions... I never followed up on the story of travelling to Las Vegas to promote The Miracle Man. So here's a digest.

The Law of Attraction is immutable so, if you are willing to head off somewhere with confidence in your heart to do media interviews to promote your work, then somethings' going to happen. However, the physical manifestation might be a little slower than the time allotted!

So the radio interview requests all came in just after we'd left the USA to come back home! Never mind; thanks to the glory of the telephone and Skype, I've now done four radio interviews to promote the book - and it is selling steadily.

The most ironic of the calls came from a radio station in Mammoth Lakes, California just two days after we'd stayed the night there on our way back to San Francisco.

But the good news continues: I now have a regular slot on the Spiritual Laws of Prosperity on The Barefoot Broadcast on Blog Talk Radio and will be turning up there once a week at 11am GMT each Monday morning for the forseeable future. You can listen to the podcasts whenever you like in the week following each one.

The even better news is that the first of those broadcasts more than doubled their listening figures. Oh - and one of the callers was from Alameida, California wishing I would go and teach there. Guess where I was teaching just one month earlier....

I'd hoped for around three or four interviews in Las Vegas. Instead I got nine... Way-to-go!


For your free six-week prosperity course please listen to Maggy and Carl Munson on The Barefoot Broadcast each Monday morning at 11am GMT. Or to the podcasts on the same URL anytime.

Feel free to post questions for Maggy here on on the Barefoot Broadcast site.

Inspiration, Celebration and Everybody Else. Or Tithing 101.

Most people think that tithing is a Biblical command to give the first ten per cent of your earnings to charity. However, the system was invented to harness the Law of Attraction. It does address an order of giving when money comes in – but it is emphatic that this is in order to bless you and to bring prosperity back to you.

The word “tithe” means one tenth but in ancient days a tenth did not necessarily mean a tenth of all your income – because most people didn’t have an income! They dealt in trade and, as a general rule, a tenth was one whole thing – as in one whole chicken, one whole sheep, one fig, one cheese. In the modern world, it can mean one whole banknote or one whole coin. There’s no need to fear that you will be asked to give more than you can afford. One penny or one cent is a good first step in tithing. You can build up to the more traditional ten per cent if you want to (but only if you want to).

The order of tithing is simple:

1 Spiritual Tithe (Leviticus 27:30)

2 Celebration Tithe (Deuteronomy 12:6, 17-18; 14:22-27).

3 Charity Tithe, (Deuteronomy 14:28; 26:12) every third year only.

In the modern age, it means give 1/ towards Spiritual Inspiration. 2/ for celebration/gifts for yourself and 3/ to everybody else – including paying the bills.

In this way, you show the Universe your priorities. You want firstly inspiration (ideas and chances to make your life happier), secondly fun and festivity and thirdly to be prosperous enough to pay your dues and help others.

How most people practise this form of tithing is to have a couple of attractive bags or boxes; one for the inspiration tithe and one for the celebration tithe. They place a little bit of money in the boxes first. That money can then be saved up to buy something special – the important thing is that it means you have taken power and are stating to the Universe that you want prosperity and not debt or fear.

In the age of the Internet, you can have a couple of online savings accounts named “inspiration” and “celebration” and move £1/$1 (or more) into those accounts as soon as possible once money has come in. Only then pay the bills.

Most people actually think that it's important to put charity or bill-paying first but, if you do that, then the Universe puts other people before you too — and will continue to do so. Focus on bills and you will receive more bills. If you put inspiration first then you will find very swiftly that there is always money to give to others/pay the bills but if you give to others/pay the bills first then there's never enough left for you...

Although the Bible talks about the first ten per cent being given to the Temple priests, this was because they were meant to be the source of inspiration to the populace. The priests did not have time to work for a living or tend flocks as they looked after the people’s religious needs. Nowadays, priests are paid wages – and they may not be your source of inspiration. That is the key – what inspires you? What takes you closer to your own personal relationship with Divinity? Is it a book you’d like to buy? Is it a workshop you’d like to go to? Is it an inspirational teacher you’d like to hear? That’s where to put your money – and your Martian will give you more opportunities to be inspired in return. It may take you a few weeks to save up for what you want but the money is there, in the box or the savings account, telling the Universe clearly what your priorities are.

The celebration tithe was, originally, to travel to Jerusalem for the great festivals four times a year. You would all travel together as an extended family, or even as a village and, while in Jerusalem would eat, drink, make merry and arrange marriages.

But the Old Testament is very clear that if you can’t get to Jerusalem you should spend the value of the tithe on a feast (including strong drink!) so it’s a clear message to have fun.

When I was stony broke I turned my life around with this system. At the time I could only afford to put 50p/$1 in each of the pots at a time but that did mean that I felt more abundant than if I didn’t have any hope whatsoever of getting a book to help me, a treat for supper or even a bar of chocolate.

Nowadays, I often use part of my spiritual tithe to buy a great bunch of white lilies for my meditation room because just seeing them inspires me. It’s entirely personal what inspires you. The festival tithe ensures, at the very least, that there is always a bottle of champagne and a pack of smoked salmon in the refrigerator.

Of course it's fine to use your spiritual tithe as a gift for others who inspire you but if you want to be prosperous, you will only be inspired by people who are already prosperous themselves so be sure you distinguish between giving from true inspiration and giving to support or help someone. That’s the third tithe, not the first one.

The tithing system is incredibly powerful. It tells the Universe what is important in your life. And it truly does work with 50p/$1. Of course you can give more if you want and you will want to as your financial prosperity increases.

There is also a fourth tithe in the Old Testament – the Sabbatical tithe. Every seventh year the land was rested and all debts forgiven. The land lay fallow so that it could replenish itself, and the people lived from the grain stock from the previous six years. They could do that because they were using the Law of Attraction to ensure that there would be abundant grain.

The forgiveness of debts is a lovely idea too. No one took on a debt for more than seven years – and although they were expected to make every effort to repay it, if they could not, the amount was forgiven and forgotten as part of the seventh year.

Nowadays, some of the more prosperous countries are forgiving Third World Debt. That can only be a good thing – and it’s evidence that this is primarily a good and abundant world, even if it takes us a little while to get round to the idea.

Incidentally, the third tithe, the charity tithe was only given every third year. That was because, due to the way people lived, it wasn’t needed any more than that. We could do with a world where that is the case right now!

Tithing works with time and attention as well. I seem to have a small farm to manage in the mornings nowadays so I make sure that I offer up a prayer of appreciation and have a handful of blueberries or some other treat before I feed dog, cat, chickens, fish and anything else that may have moved in. It’s very simple but it shows the Universe my favoured order of life. I only have to forget and feed the others first and something always comes up to make it harder for me to take care of myself later in the day. Once you start this kind of work the Universe pays close attention and your guides/angels truly believe that you know what you are doing.

In the same way, when I open my computer in the morning and the emails come in, I always read the Abraham-Hicks inspirational note first, then the inspirational note, then any messages from friends and only then any work or financial emails. On some days that is still a challenge but it really makes the rest of the day flow much better.

It works too if I get stalled for any reason during the day or am over-thinking something. Stop; open a book of spiritual guidance (I have three by the desk) and read it and then have a treat — a biscuit, some grapes or a chocolate or perhaps I’ll get up and walk round the garden. Then my mind will have cleared and I can get back to whatever it was that was creating resistance.


Las Vegas

When I wrote The Miracle Man I'd not been to Las Vegas for nearly a quarter of a century so it was an interesting pilgrimage to see if I got the geography right...

We came into 'Sin City' on Highway 5, stopping off at Primm on the border to check that Josh and his parents could have called Jude from a diner with gaming machines. Yes, he could; it was there. So that was okay. Phew. No matter how much you research something, you won't get it all right unless you show up and do the walking.

Vegas itself is a real culture shock. If I had different astrology I'd probably have like it more to start with but it did grow on me over the five days that we were there. It didn't help that our hotel turned out to be a bit like Alcatraz in that the rooms are inside a border wall, probably for extra security. Perfectly fine inside though ... and three minutes from the Strip. Which is weird. So much fantasy in one place and, of course, gambling everywhere. And I mean everywhere, not only in the palaces and fake frontages of the hotels. In one food-and-gambling area there were games set up where you could try to throw ping-pong balls into half-full plastic cups of beer. And this wasn't just a one-off.

Before leaving the UK I'd contacted five radio stations about the book — no reply. However, I emailed them again the first afternoon and within hours one had come back to say 'yes please, drop a copy in and we'll see what we can do.' That was the one which had an online blog inviting comments on Sin City and the Nature of Evil so I was able to give them something to quote on air as well as asking for their assistance.

While we were there, we 'stalked' six stations and then headed out to the Hoover Dam and The Valley of Fire to see where Josh lost his Gemma and became transformed. Still looking forward to the radio stations' responses (one interview request came in the day after we left - thank God for Skype and the good old fashioned telephone!).

The dam is wonderful; still is. As the novel is fiction it takes place just a couple of days before the new by-pass bridge over the Colorado river was opened (the bridge was actually opened while we were out there - much earlier than scheduled - so how that's for timing?). It's fiction - in a parallel world - so not actually having the exact date in the book doesn't matter although it felt a bit odd. It was just amazing that we were there the exact week that it happened! And we were able to drive over the bridge as well as go across the dam.

And oh, the fountains at the Bellagio in Las Vegas...and the wonderful inside Venice...and as for Cher, well I'll just quote my friend Michael: "She's going to look real good in the casket.'

I'll write more in another blog.


Diary of a book promotion tour part 1

So, here I am in the Days Inn Motel, Barstow, California ... the epitome of hopefulness. You see, we (my husband, Lion, and I) are on our way to Las Vegas to promote my new novel The Miracle Man. A targeted mail-out from my publisher's US publicity company, Ascot Media, will be hitting Las Vegas media tomorrow. And so am I.

I have two gigs booked in Vegas, at Unity Center in the Valley this coming weekend (looking forward to those very much). The hope is all on the publicity. I shall present every local radio and TV station with a copy of the book and show up looking like a very interesting interviewee. I am doing this totally on spec. I am putting myself where my heart is. I love this book and I am willing to travel across the globe to give it the chance it deserves in the world.

Will it work? Yes of course it will. After all, as Woody Allen said '90% of life is about showing up.' Am I scared? Sure. But feeling scared and feeling excited are twin sisters so sometimes it's hard to tell them apart. And I do understand that it may not work in exactly the way I hope that it will. But on an energetic level - yes, and I say yes, and yes and yes!

Why Las Vegas? Because The Miracle Man is based there. It's the story of a modern day Messiah who comes to Vegas and heals the city of all its reasons for being known as 'Sin City.' And he does it on live network TV because he's a judge on a TV talent show just like America's Got Talent.

So, this will be my blog of just how I get on in Las Vegas. One thing's for sure, I hope they have some vegetables there. Or a juice bar or two. I'm not a vegetarian but after three days traveling in California my whole body is yelling for produce. San Francisco, where we landed, was fine. Fantastic in fact. Cafe Gratitude is stunning and the food yummy (even though I'm not a raw food fan in general). But rural California? That's a different story.

Here in Barstow - and in our previous overnighter, Cayucos — there wasn't a restaurant in town that knew what a vegetable was. Salad, yes — but there's only so much lettuce a girl can eat (their standard of salad just here is pretty British as in 'throw a tomato and some dressing at it and it's a salad). And I can't get anywhere close to my five-a-day on orange juice and lettuce. It would be better if I liked Mexican food because I guess the beans count.

It's not just me. Beloved Lion who is the carnivore of carnivores, a petrol-head currently wearing a Cream teeshirt from the reunion concert at the Albert Hall, London, in 2005, is also pining for the green stuff. In fact it was his suggestion, after we had trawled the town, to buy salads from the produce section in the local supermarket and take them back to the motel for supper.

So we picked up the green stuff and took it to the check-out ... where the assistant said: "I'm sorry Ma'am, the produce section is for display purposes only." (just kidding but it really is that crazy here).

Tomorrow, we arrive in Las Vegas. I'll see you there...


It’s got nothing to do with money…

Hi Everyone,

Your October article is below.

It’s now just 20 days to the publication of my new novel The Miracle Man. There’s a new blog on It’s a work in progress at the moment but it will tell you all about the book.

This month I’ll be speaking at the Kabbalah and Healing Conference, College Heights Church, San Mateo, San Francisco, Saturday 16th October, Home of Truth Spiritual Center, San Francisco, Monday 18th October and Unity in the Valley, Las Vegas, Monday 25th October so if you’re on the West Coast of the USA come along and say hello.

Wishing you a wonderful autumn.


It’s got nothing to do with money…

I know that it’s still hard to believe sometimes but I don’t believe that our financial problems have anything to do with the actual amount of money that we have (or don’t have). Everywhere I do a talk, whenever I ask what money is, people reply ‘energy.’ So if it’s just energy, it responds to who we are; what we think and what we believe in doesn’t it?

But we still think that it
is about the money itself.

In the last week I’ve spoken with people who had sporadic income and nothing coming in for two clear months with mortgage still to pay, people who had jobs that paid enough to cover the rent and the debt repayment for the next six months at least, with a woman who ‘only has £5,000 left’ in her savings, no mortgage or rent to pay, a good pension and not a debt to her name and with someone who has a life-time work redundancy payment, no mortgage, no debt and a partner who’s earning more than £30,000 a year. What did they have in common? They were all frozen with
exactly the same level of terror whatever their circumstances.

So what does money mean to us?




In the Western world we are unlikely to be attacked by a lion or to experience crop failure and famine but we still fear anything that can mean that we can’t hunt (earn), have shelter or eat. So we fear the lack of the means to support ourselves. Even though most of us live in a welfare state where we would be taken care of and most of us have families who could put us up if push came to shove.

So we could survive. But not without a huge loss of pride. We would feel that we had failed and were lesser (we often feel that we have already failed with the examples of other apparently wealthy people before us). The interesting thing is that the ‘wealthier’ people felt no less fear about losing status than those who had much less money.

The status we have in other people’s eyes is the biggest demon in our prosperity consciousness. To give you an example: our fridge freezer is poorly and we’re not sure what our plans for next year are yet so instead of buying a new one, my husband has replaced it with an old fridge and separate freezer that we had in storage from a friend’s house. We usually use those only at Christmas time when we have visitors. So the old equipment is now sitting in the kitchen instead of the more modern appliance. It looks old; it looks (to me) scruffy and my ego loathes and detests it because I think visitors will look at it and think that this is our standard of living.

Does it work? Yes. Should I care what visitors think? No. Do the visitors actually care? No. It’s all about me and my pride.

Last month a dear friend cut herself out of a photograph of her family enjoying a special meal because she had not got a wine glass that matched the others on the table. She thought people seeing the picture would think she didn’t have any sense of style.

Now, we don’t have more than four matching glasses of any shape or form and it doesn’t bother me in the slightest but, given the fridge situation, I can relate because it’s exactly the same thing. It mattered so much to her that we don’t have any record of her being there at the lovely meal. She probably wouldn’t even notice my fridge…We all have our own push-points with this poverty-prosperity-ego thing.

So the answer? I think it’s Worth. Self-worth at the level of the soul. It’s not even about the ‘did you do the pink ribbon walk last weekend and get sponsored for charity?’ kind of worth because that’s the automatic (temporary) good feeling we get when we’ve helped others. It’s about
real worth.

It’s about feeling loved by God. Sorry, but there it is. We call It the Source, the Universe etc. nowadays because of all our projections about the mean man in the sky who punishes us. And much as I love the Abraham teachings and the other Law of Attraction teachings, I’m not sure that they help us with the relationship with our loving Creator. If we are one with God (which we are), where is the relationship? We humans do crave relationship; it’s the reason why duality exists. We can’t laugh without duality; we can’t cuddle and taste and smile without duality so we need relationship. And for worth, we need to have a loving relationship with the Holy One. If we feel valued by God, then it is easier to let go the need to be socially acceptable to others — and then the whole ‘having to have the goods and chattels’ bit will ease and the money issues will ease too.

To quote Mike Todd: “I've never been poor, only broke. Being poor is a frame of mind. Being broke is only a temporary situation.”

can’t be poor if you feel loved by God even if you’re broke. And you are loved by God. You don’t have to believe in God — or anything — to be loved. God is particularly fond of you. How do I know? Because I’m the author of 15 books and I simply cannot love one of them any more or less than the others. I can – and do – love them completely differently. Even the ones that are really out-of-date and don’t even reflect who I am now are cherished because I find something special inside them every time I pick one up and read a few paragraphs. And if I can do that over 15 books, what can God do about every one of us?

You are worthy; worth it; loved; adored; special; desired; perfect; gorgeous; glorious and cute to God. Just as you are (
even in those old PJs with socks on — especially in those old PJs with socks on…)

Just thought you might like to know that. It might just help with the prosperity consciousness thing...


Review of Maggy's new novel, The Miracle Man

Review for The Miracle Man from ... "Whitehouse writes well with good humour and a modern style and the miracles are well thought out and delivered...this book is a huge accomplishment."

Read the review on


The Spirituality of Prosperity

On Friday 24th September I'll be speaking at an evening on the Spirituality of Prosperity in Epsom, England. Would love to see you there.
Details from Mercedes Motivates.

The Miracle Man - reviews please!

It’s now just a two-month count-down until the publication of my new novel The Miracle Man.

Imagine Simon Cowell as Christ! What would happen if US talent show judge became a miraculous healer of body, mind and soul on live TV?

Would the world love him as he helped us heal from war, division, addiction — and shopping? Or would he pose a terrible threat by crashing the economy?

The book is now available for pre-order at and . If you have a vehicle for reviewing books, please let me know and I’ll get the publisher to send you a copy.

Maggy's events for September in London and Birmingham UK.

Three important events to bring to your attention for September — The Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Teacher Training course in September and October and two Spiritual Laws of Prosperity events in LONDON.

Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Teacher Training is open to anyone who has attended one of my courses or read my three prosperity books. Dates: 11/12th September and 9th/10th October in Birmingham. This is a certificated two-weekend training course for anyone who wants to be a workshop leader or tutor of prosperity consciousness. What a gift to give the world! It is time to help our friends and colleagues to live an abundant life while doing the work they were born to do. The course includes a teacher’s manual for both the Spiritual Laws of Prosperity and Spiritual Marketing workshops. Fantastic introductory price: only £500. For more details email me at There will be other dates next year so please contact me to express interest.

The Spiritual Laws of Prosperity foundation workshop, Acton, London, is on Saturday 25th September.

If you have friends in the Smoke who have expressed interest in prosperity work, this is the workshop for them. Feel free to pass this on.

All poverty is first experienced in the soul: it is through making peace between ego, self and soul that we can live a truly abundant life at all levels. It’s not necessarily easy but the techniques for transformation are simple. Learn how to prosper financially as well as emotionally – whatever the external climate – so you can help others do the same. This one-day course will help you to unravel the inner blocks to prosperity. Further details from

I’m doing a talk on Spiritual Laws of Prosperity on the previous night in Epsom – see Mercedes Motivates for details.

I will also be teaching in San Francisco on 16th October and in Las Vegas on 24th October. Please contact me for details.

With love,


Are you making your life or assembling it?

Most people don’t cook; they assemble ingredients. The difference is in the soul of the cook which creates the soul of the meal with love as opposed to putting it together while thinking of something else.

In America, in particular, hundreds of packet foods from the supermarket claim to be ‘home-style when they mean ‘you add some water when you get it home and then heat it up.’

Back in the 1990s when I (briefly) ran a café in Montana, the clientele didn’t understand what I meant when I said our food was ‘home-made’. They thought that everything in any café was ‘home-style’ even when most of it came out of a packet from Sysco — and they didn’t see why they should pay any more for my chocolate fudge cake than they did for a Sysco brownie. (Don’t get me wrong, Sysco packet brownies were, taste-wise, to die for — probably in more ways than one…). It’s just like that in the UK too now.

But cooking … real cooking is about embracing food; cherishing it; appreciating its origins and the process of its transformation into a vehicle for gathering people together to experience love in their minds, mouths, hearts and stomachs.

We rarely put our heart and soul into making beans on toast but we keep on eating them… We don’t know what’s really in that food or with what kind of emotion it was assembled. Does it matter? In a small but significant way, it does. Is your life all about hasty assembly? How much thought and attention really goes into it? How often do you cook a real meal? And if your life is such that you don’t have time, why is that?

When we buy packet or prepared foods, we feed the armour; the image; the persona. Marketing for women in particular is all about enhancing your armour so that your body looks good or impressive to others without having to do the inner work or accept the truth that you are becoming an elder; a wise one; a powerful being.

The marketing is a lie and an excuse for us not to become the wise elder. It’s dishonest because no one on the hair, eyelashes or face cream adverts is un-enhanced in post-production (if not on the surgeon’s table). It’s also a lie that packaged foods are as good for us as home-made stuff created with love. We’d prefer it that way because it means that we are not responsible for our developing lives.

Assemble ingredients and eat them in front of the television every night and there is no reason to celebrate; there is nothing to get excited about. There is no heart and no soul to express. Does that reflect your life? I would guess so…

The link with prosperity consciousness is that, often, we are happy to celebrate the new and the exciting (the dinner party, the special event, the fabulous meal out) and completely forget to celebrate the everyday. When we start out working on manifesting the life that we want, we are thrilled and excited at every new good thing that comes along and the Law of Attraction thrives on our enthusiasm. But then we start to take stuff for granted and the Law of Attraction starts taking us for granted in return. It seems to get harder and harder to attract the basics that we need to be comfortable. Well of course it does if we take it for granted when it’s here. Or if we bitch about the phone company because they’ve got something wrong or Facebook (a totally free service BTW) because it has gone down for 24 hours.

Even worse, when we start not appreciating what we have at all, it’s a sign to the universe that we really don’t want good food/good life/celebration any more.

I’m very blessed in being the author of 15 published books now and, to be honest, unless I get conscious about it, another new book isn’t the big deal it used to be. But nowadays I make damn sure that I DO get conscious about it! Today, even though I’m now heart and soul into my new children’s book, I know it’s vital that when book no. 15, The Miracle Man, actually arrives on my doorstep in October I must pick up my author’s copies, dance around the house with them, thank God from the bottom of my heart and drink champagne. If I just go. ‘Oh yes, there they are,’ and get back to my emails, why should the Universe bother to find me a good publisher for the next one? And why should it make The Miracle Man sell?

You don’t like cooking? Fair enough; it’s an analogy. Just remember to appreciate the ease of life when there’s packet food available instead of taking it for granted.

Here’s another one.

My husband is the average kind of man when it comes to buying me flowers. But we have a lot of flowers in the garden that I love so I’m rarely short of roses or other lovelies. At the weekend we had people to a workshop so I bought some wonderful lillies and plundered the garden for extras to display with them. And the participants had good weather so they appreciated our garden deeply and they reminded me to appreciate it too.

On Monday, Lion bought me 14 red roses in a plastic sheath from the supermarket. I could have said, ‘but we’re awash with roses!’ or ‘from Sainsbury’s?’ and derided him for spending so little money on me. I could have stuck them in a vase in the living room where they would have bloomed unappreciated for 16 hours in a day. Or I could greet them, bless them, thank him with a kiss and enthusiasm, give them flower food and arrange them prettily. And I could carry them vase of roses around the house with me as I work, play and sleep so that I can appreciate every beautiful sight of them and every waft of their scent. Which do you think will tell the Law of Attraction that I love flowers in my life and would welcome more?

So this month’s exercise is to celebrate everything in your life. Your partner of years, your work, your home, your food and your friends (and if you can’t celebrate any or all of them, then it’s a sign that something needs to change and soon). Rev up your enthusiasm so that the Law of Attraction can start reflecting your excitement back to you. Start with that next cup of tea. It only takes a minute to take a sip and savour it when it’s hot instead of drinking it absent-mindedly when it’s half cold. You may even discover that you don’t like tea any more and that you’ve been drinking it for months without noticing. And how interesting it will be to discover your new favourite beverage…


NEW! Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Teacher Training.

Would you like to be able to teach others how to prosper in the work they were born to do and the life they were born to live? Now you can.

After nearly 20 years of teaching The Spiritual Laws of Prosperity to thousands, Maggy is training up teachers to continue this valuable work worldwide.

The first classes will be held in Birmingham, England this summer.

The Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Teacher Training is a two-weekend training course for those who would like to teach Maggy’s Prosperity Consciousness and Spiritual Marketing Workshops.

Preliminary dates: 15/16 and 28/29 August. The training takes four days.

Only four places remaining. It is likely that there will be further dates Sept-Oct due to the high level of interest.

The course will include a refresher on the two workshops themselves and both oral and written instructions on how to teach them on. It will be certificated.

More and more people are setting up as holistic practitioners nowadays but they are falling flat because of their inner beliefs about money and prosperity and a lack of knowledge of how to market themselves on the 'spiritual internet' with internal work as well as simple physical marketing techniques.

If you are interested in this work, or would like to organize training classes in your area, please email Sarah Jackson on

The Power of Hidden Beliefs

For the last few months I’ve been trying an experiment. It was pretty brave of me to do it as a teacher of prosperity but I thought it was worth trying.

At every workshop I’ve done and at every talk I’ve given I’ve said the following:

“They say that if you do what you love, the money will follow. But that’s rubbish isn’t it?”

every group I’ve got a sea of relieved nods, deep sighs and a sense of people letting go of tension and even distress. It even happened among the Masonic community in Washington particularly among those who are working in holistic health.

The only disagreements were from the people who were in ‘real jobs’ that they loved. But every one of them admitted that they worked too hard; didn’t get to see enough of their families and felt stressed out much of the time.

When I was a child, my mother read me Hans Christian Anderson’s story ‘The Little Mermaid’ and I remember vividly what the mermaid was told if she wanted to have legs and live on land: “You have to suffer to be beautiful.”

Such childhood stories lodge deep in our souls in the belief that we must suffer if we are following our desire to be lovely — whether physically, psychologically or spiritually. My mother stopped expecting me to be wealthy and started expecting me to be overworked the day I was ordained. My former teacher said ‘If only you could make a living from it!’ when my first novel was published.

Yet it’s not them; it’s me. I wouldn’t be able to hear them say those things if they weren’t already in my programming. And I’ll own up — I do still have a little of that programming. But here’s the deep, deep secret that I’ve finally learnt:
the money does come if you are truly moving with your spiritual growth. The second you get stuck in the pain of admin or in ‘shadow inspiration’ it stops. And it stops big time.

You’ll know by now that money is purely energy and that it reflects our inner beliefs perfectly. But have you spotted the moment when you moved from doing your heart’s desire to struggling to make a buck?

Jesus said ‘Ask
believing and it is given’ but if there’s any doubt, anywhere, the horrid truth is that the doubt wins. And we contribute to other people’s doubt by our own inner beliefs and casual sayings.

I’m just back from teaching Kabbalah to a group of Masons in Washington DC. It was wonderful, fabulous and inspirational — probably because I’ve finally owned up to being a Kabbalist first and foremost and a prosperity teacher second (and all that’s Kabbalah too). I stayed in a wonderful, luxurious house was fed and fêted and swam every day in a fabulous pool. And that luxury was part of the payment for the work I did. Which, by the way, paid up every single dollar I had asked for even though it was all by donation.

When I posted that on
Facebook some new friend immediately started posting conspiracy theories about how evil Masons are. I unfriended him. I’ve learnt that when it come to denying your inner doubts you can’t afford to let any passing negativity get away with it. My experience of Masons was that they were intelligent, kind, generous and fascinated to learn the spiritual meaning of their rituals — and I want it to remain that way. I’m proud of myself that that’s all the negative comment I’ve received.

A year ago I helped a group of Kabbalists host a conference in Washington DC and took part in it myself. I didn’t headline it (although I was the only non self-published author). The flak I got back for daring to do it was horrifying. At the time I thought it was unfair; now I know that I was the one who unfair to me — I put more energy into hiding than I did in showing up and the Universe dug me out with a trowel.

You want to be beautiful? Don’t compromise. Don’t shove others into the limelight before you. Don’t deny your God-given talent to be YOU. If we don’t believe in ourselves, then the Universe can’t believe in us either.

So this month’s prosperity tips are:

1/ Check your inner beliefs again and again and AGAIN. They are what’s stopping you from prospering. Top of the list of possibles is the belief that you have to suffer to be beautiful.

2/ Watch out for ‘shadow inspiration.’ That’s when you are helping others to become what you truly want to be. That one’s a killer. And it extends to helping others be healthy when you’re not… Sorry about that but it’s no time to pull punches.

Enjoy your summer — and remember to shine.


The Prosperity Secrets of the Bible Unity of Fairfax VA

I'll be talking at Unity Church of Fairfax, VA, on The Prosperity Secrets of the Bible at 7.30pm on Wednesday 23rd June. If you would like to come along, the contact details are below:

The talk will cover:

  • Judaism, Christianity and their differing attitudes to money.
  • The issues within spiritual people about being spiritual and wealthy.
  • The all-important balance between giving and receiving (my cup runneth over).
  • Charles Fillmore’s teaching on ‘Divine Substance.’
  • How ‘Divine Substance’ and the Law of Attraction are demonstrated throughout the Bible.
  • The prosperity teachings within the Ten Commandments.
  • How to clearly understand the Law of Tithing.
  • Jesus’ and St. Paul’s teachings on abundance and money and how they translate to a modern world of mortgages and bills.
  • How to ‘Ask, believing’ so that you may receive.

Rev. Sandra L. Butler
Associate Minister
Unity of Fairfax Church
2854 Hunter Mill Road
Oakton, VA 22124
703-281-1767 ext.102


Back to Basics — Clearing That Clutter

It’s been a long time since I included clutter-clearing in any of my workshops or articles because it’s what I was doing 15 years ago and nowadays it seemed to be so old hat. Surely everyone knows that ?

But no. I’ve been reminded this week that it’s still the most important first step there is to clearing space for new prosperity.

Many years ago, I had a brand new and extremely handsome boyfriend who was very hot on keeping things tidy. I wasn’t. One day he turned up unexpectedly and, seeing him through the window, I frantically hurled every bit of untidiness I could find into the cupboard under the stairs (on top of three feet of other stuff) and opened the front door to greet him.

He kissed me, came in and took off his coat. As I went into the kitchen to make some tea, he tried to put his coat away in the cupboard… The ironing board promptly fell on him weighted down with what appeared to be half a ton of rubble.

The relationship did not thrive.

So it’s an easy jump to realising that if we do get something new and good in our lives, existing clutter will destroy or at least damage it. And that applies to emotional clutter just as much as to the physical stuff.

Clutter and Adultery?

For years I puzzled over Jesus of Nazareth’s teaching about divorce (that someone who marries a previously married person commits adultery and causes them to commit adultery). But when I found that I loved Lion after the end of my previous marriage it started to make sense. The previous relationship was constantly trying to break through into the new one. Old habits, old beliefs, old possessions and memories from the previous relationship were like stains on a new, white blouse.

Even though we both knew that this was ‘the’ relationship we didn’t get married for four years in order to do all that we could to dissolve the old feelings and memories. And I’m very glad that we waited. But even now, the past can creep in. At Lion’s son’s wedding they had pictures of his late wife with candles. All right and proper and rather lovely but I did feel a bit odd about being there until Margaret’s sisters had welcomed me (we had never met before).

So if there is something new and good coming into your life (or you want there to be) then clutter clearing is vital … and it needs to be done regularly. The spiritual author, Stuart Wilde, suggests that we go through our address book and put an ink line through everyone who makes our heart sink when we read their name and a pencil line through the name of anyone who just makes you feel neutral. Then invite all those who make your heart lift out to lunch.

That might be a bit tricky if you are employed or have a family… however, you can move energy in the physical world and it will move through to other levels — ‘As above, so below’ works both ways.

Moving 27 Items

There’s a Feng Shui teaching that we should regularly reposition 27 items in our home — especially if there are 27 objects which haven’t been moved for a year (which, let’s face it, there are!)

Why 27? Because nine is considered the number of longevity in Feng Shui, and multiplying it by three, the number of growth, will invite a continuous string of auspicious changes into our life.

So I did it. Good grief! Firstly, about 22 of the objects found a new home in Oxfam immediately because I realised how useless they had become. Then Lion and I began moving furniture, giving away things we ‘were going to get round to using someday’ and even wearing different clothes. Then I felt inspired into doing a (long overdue) energy cleansing throughout the house.

Within 24 hours we received notification that the company supposed to be double-glazing the house could set a date for doing all the windows (this had been stalling for five months), a financial windfall arrived we decided to reorganize and even cancel some group meetings which weren’t thriving. And wow, do we feel better!

So clear that physical clutter, and by the Law of Attraction you clear good space for the new. And if only new clutter comes, do it again. And again. Until the new is clear and good and delightful. You know it makes sense.


Maria Vittoria Longhitano

Many congratulations to my fellow 'Old Catholic' priest Maria Vittoria Longhitano - Italy's first woman priest.

She's going to be referred to as 'Mother.' That certainly hasn't happened to me yet..

Wonderful news - details from the BBC


The Miracle Man - Cowell as Christ?

The forces of good and evil confront each other in a showdown after 21st century Messiah changes the world order

Houston, TX, May 17, 2010 - In The Miracle Man (O-Books), Maggy Whitehouse cleverly charts two years in the life of a modern-day Messiah who becomes a judge on The Miracle Mile (America’s Got Talent), living in the spotlight of the modern media where every move is splashed across newspapers, television and the internet, including his healing powers that are used to obliterate drugs, alcohol, gambling – all and any of the dangerous addictions prevalent in today’s society. The story follows the exact chronology of the four Gospels of the New Testament, featuring every major character, but giving them modern names and providing updates to each story that make it appealing to the secular world of today.

Josh Goldstone is the new Messiah; a quiet and unassuming man, married to a TV star and celebrity judge who is killed when their car crashes into a lake in Nevada. Josh vanishes – only to emerge transformed from the desert forty days later. When he becomes the replacement judge for his wife, he is launched into a celebrity-driven world where the demons that need to be exorcised are usually in the contestants!

Josh is adored by the masses he heals of their pain, grief and sickness but hated by fundamental Christians who see him as a threat to their faith. Worse, he is a threat to the economy; after all, nobody needs drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or any other vices when their hearts and minds are healed.

Josh’s real task is not for his own people but to help the Dalai Lama return to Tibet. The price of fame goes through the roof as he launches a celebrity-led peaceful liberation of Tibet and an extraordinary U-turn in Chinese policy, but his enemies only see that he is too much of a threat to the world order. Josh’s PR guru Jude (Judas) believes that the publicity coup of the year would come from a live, on-air assassination. After all, Josh will finish the story by rising again – or will he?

Maggy Whitehouse does a superb job of showing the world all the miracles that Jesus did but in a 21st century setting and in a way that she hopes will encourage people to read the Bible again and perhaps see Jesus differently.

Maggy Whitehouse is a minister in an independent Sacramental Christian Church, an expert on mystical Bible interpretation, an author whose many books have been published worldwide, and a journalist and broadcaster with more than thirty years’ radio and TV experience in her native England. Visit Maggy at: Amazon Author Central or on her websites at: and



Jane Struthers of Bella magazine and best-selling author of Literary Britain and Ireland and Royal Palaces of Britain: “If you loved the Da Vinci Code you will fall on this book with cries of delight.”

Jacky Newcomb, TV Presenter, Multi-award winner, best-selling author: “Spellbinding; Josh Goldstone is an angel for the modern world.”


For the Difficult Times (in memory of Mr. Cat).

So, you’re doing the prosperity work (you are aren’t you?) whether it’s affirmations, EFT, meditation, visualization etc. etc.
And yet, some days just suck.

And if you’re anything like me you start beating yourself up for the fact that you’ve managed to create a difficult day. It must be your responsibility, right?

But wait a minute. Stop. Breathe. I’m going to tell you a secret:

Even if you are totally positive, holistic and spiritual, Stuff Happens. Stuff sometimes just IS.

Why Stuff Happens depends on what else is going on in your life but there is always going to be the potential for Stuff (and yes, feel free to change the word ‘Stuff’ for another beginning with ‘s’ if it feels better).

This month the cat belonging to one of my friends had to be put down. Now she can be as enlightened as she likes; she can be a committed positive-thinker; she can know for sure that Mr. Cat is happy in the heavenly armchair. But the truth is that she is wracked with grief. And she really, really doesn’t need to beat herself up at the same time.

Pet cats die. Dogs die. Mothers and fathers die. God forbid, but our children die too. Projects die. Dreams die. Relationships die. And when they die, we cry. And maybe we get angry or depressed.

And even if it isn’t anything like that, there are astrological transits, biorhythms, homeopathic miasms — not to mention relatives.

After a day or two we can probably get a grip on it; re-frame it; take the flower remedies; talk to friends; pick ourselves up. But please, never, ever, beat yourself up for the days when nothing works. Just let them be; rest and wait for tomorrow. Trust me, the real friends on the spiritual journey will understand that. They won’t think you weak or stupid for the days when you are a soggy heap on the floor.

The truth is that we never get it done. We never get ourselves totally cleansed; we are never without desire for it to be better. And that’s actually how it’s meant to be. A world without desire (even if it’s just desire to be pulled out somehow from being up to your armpits in very stinky Stuff) would be a pretty tedious place.

Yes, everything that happens is our responsibility. Of course it is. But we live in a world of duality where, if we choose to love, we will experience loss. Every time we imagine something wonderful, we simultaneously create the possibility of its not happening as well as its being amazing. Our energies contribute enormously to how things turn out but we wouldn’t be human if we were perfect; if we could manifest absolutely everything without hiccups along the way.

And if we choose to love a person or an animal or anything alive, we will also be choosing the certainty of loss.

After my first husband, Henry, died I found some unexpected wisdom inside me when people expressed their shock and horror that someone so young could be taken and that our marriage had been of such short duration. I would say, ‘Yes, but it was worth it.’

And, you know, I think that is still the best answer I can give to the bad days; the days when everything in the planets is shrieking at your natal chart; when you’ve dropped the casserole you were making for guests; when the slugs eat your lettuces; when the cheque is late; when the rent can’t be paid; when you wake up depressed for no reason; when everything just makes you want to scream.

This is life on Planet Earth. Some days suck but they are the price of life in a world based on duality. Here we are in light and dark, life and death, up and down, left and right, male and female, right and wrong. It just IS. And some days, some of it sucks.

But if you can let that be the case, and allow it … if you can just look around you at the beauty and glory of this world and remember in your anger or unhappiness, just one moment when you were truly, truly loved or if there is now just one person in your life to whom you can turn for a cuddle, then it is worth it. It is worth it because you did once have that glory no matter how short the time.

IT IS WORTH IT. And this too shall pass.

Time For Some Not Fake Food.