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The 2011 Letter

For the past four years I’ve been writing The Letter at about this time of the year. I find it easier and more successful than making traditional New Year resolutions which my Self may want to achieve but my Ego will fight every inch of the way.The reason why the Ego fights is because it didn’t make the agreement in the first place. That was the good idea that came from our conscious Self. It felt great to the awakened part of us but was flat-out threatening to the Ego. The Ego’s here to keep us in tribal consciousness because that’s what (in its belief system) makes us safe. Of course this is a rather old-fashioned version of safe as in ‘fitting in with the tribe so that we can all run together and there’s less likelihood of standing out and attracting predators.’ The Ego isn’t happy about updating itself unless it is pointed out very clearly (in a life-threatening kind of way) that the old ways no longer work. Okay so you’ve lived with self-hatred, poverty-consciousness and self-den…

Clap Loudly If You Believe

In 1897 eight-year-old Virginia O'Hanlon's friends pooh-poohed her belief in Santa Claus. So she wrote to the local paper to ask if there was a Santa Claus. This is what the editor of the local paper, Francis P. Church wrote in reply:
Virginia, your little friends are wrong. They have been affected by the skepticism of a skeptical age. They do not believe except what they see. They think that nothing can be which is not comprehensible by their little minds. All minds, Virginia, whether they be grown-ups' or children's are little.
Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. He exists as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist, and you know that they abound and give your life its highest beauty and joy. Alas! How dreary would be the world if there were not Santa Claus! It would be as dreary as if there were no Virginias. There would be no childlike faith then, no poetry, no romance to make tolerable this existence. We should have no enjoyment, except in sense and si…

Giving and Receiving.

Not an awful lot of giving goes on at Christmas.

That may surprise you. But mostly what goes on at Christmas is exchange.

Not that there’s anything at all wrong with exchange; it’s what makes the world go round; it’s what money is all about. But exchange doesn’t harness the law of attraction in the same way as giving does. That may be why it is that you feel that you give and give and give but nothing seems to come back in return.

After all, most of the world’s spiritual teachings say that the secret of life is giving and that if you give, you will receive. And they’re right. But it has to be unconditional giving — and we’re not very well trained in that.

So let’s take a look at what is giving and what is exchange.It’s exchange when you swap gifts with someone, knowing in advance that this is what’s going to happen. It’s exchange when you have to give a present or you’ll feel bad about being mean. It’s exchange when you give because you should give, because it’s what g…

Las Vegas follow-up

The good intentions... the good intentions... I never followed up on the story of travelling to Las Vegas to promote The Miracle Man. So here's a digest.
The Law of Attraction is immutable so, if you are willing to head off somewhere with confidence in your heart to do media interviews to promote your work, then somethings' going to happen. However, the physical manifestation might be a little slower than the time allotted!
So the radio interview requests all came in just after we'd left the USA to come back home! Never mind; thanks to the glory of the telephone and Skype, I've now done four radio interviews to promote the book - and it is selling steadily.
The most ironic of the calls came from a radio station in Mammoth Lakes, California just two days after we'd stayed the night there on our way back to San Francisco.
But the good news continues: I now have a regular slot on the Spiritual Laws of Prosperity on The Barefoot Broadcast on Blog Talk Radio and will be tu…
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Inspiration, Celebration and Everybody Else. Or Tithing 101.

Most people think that tithing is a Biblical command to give the first ten per cent of your earnings to charity. However, the system was invented to harness the Law of Attraction. It does address an order of giving when money comes in – but it is emphatic that this is in order to bless you and to bring prosperity back to you.The word “tithe” means one tenth but in ancient days a tenth did not necessarily mean a tenth of all your income – because most people didn’t have an income! They dealt in trade and, as a general rule, a tenth was one whole thing – as in one whole chicken, one whole sheep, one fig, one cheese. In the modern world, it can mean one whole banknote or one whole coin. There’s no need to fear that you will be asked to give more than you can afford. One penny or one cent is a good first step in tithing. You can build up to the more traditional ten per cent if you want to (but onlyif you want to).The order of tithing is simple:1 Spiritual Tithe (Leviticus 27:30) 2 Celebra…

Listen to Maggy on The Barefoot Broadcast, Monday 22nd November

Maggy will be talking about The Miracle Man, on The Barefoot Broadcast at 11am GMT, Monday 22nd November.

Las Vegas

When I wrote The Miracle Man I'd not been to Las Vegas for nearly a quarter of a century so it was an interesting pilgrimage to see if I got the geography right...
We came into 'Sin City' on Highway 5, stopping off at Primm on the border to check that Josh and his parents could have called Jude from a diner with gaming machines. Yes, he could; it was there. So that was okay. Phew. No matter how much you research something, you won't get it all right unless you show up and do the walking.
Vegas itself is a real culture shock. If I had different astrology I'd probably have like it more to start with but it did grow on me over the five days that we were there. It didn't help that our hotel turned out to be a bit like Alcatraz in that the rooms are inside a border wall, probably for extra security. Perfectly fine inside though ... and three minutes from the Strip. Which is weird. So much fantasy in one place and, of course, gambling everywhere. And I mean everywhere…

Diary of a book promotion tour part 1

So, here I am in the Days Inn Motel, Barstow, California ... the epitome of hopefulness. You see, we (my husband, Lion, and I) are on our way to Las Vegas to promote my new novel The Miracle Man. A targeted mail-out from my publisher's US publicity company, Ascot Media, will be hitting Las Vegas media tomorrow. And so am I.
I have two gigs booked in Vegas, at Unity Center in the Valley this coming weekend (looking forward to those very much). The hope is all on the publicity. I shall present every local radio and TV station with a copy of the book and show up looking like a very interesting interviewee. I am doing this totally on spec. I am putting myself where my heart is. I love this book and I am willing to travel across the globe to give it the chance it deserves in the world.
Will it work? Yes of course it will. After all, as Woody Allen said '90% of life is about showing up.' Am I scared? Sure. But feeling scared and feeling excited are twin sisters so sometimes it&…

It’s got nothing to do with money…

Hi Everyone,

Your October article is below.

It’s now just 20 days to the publication of my new novel The Miracle Man. There’s a new blog on It’s a work in progress at the moment but it will tell you all about the book.

This month I’ll be speaking at the Kabbalah and Healing Conference, College Heights Church, San Mateo, San Francisco, Saturday 16th October, Home of Truth Spiritual Center, San Francisco, Monday 18th October and Unity in the Valley, Las Vegas, Monday 25th October so if you’re on the West Coast of the USA come along and say hello.

Wishing you a wonderful autumn.


It’s got nothing to do with money…
I know that it’s still hard to believe sometimes but I don’t believe that our financial problems have anything to do with the actual amount of money that we have (or don’t have). Everywhere I do a talk, whenever I ask what money is, people reply ‘energy.’ So if it’s just energy, it responds to who we are; what we think and what we believe…

Review of Maggy's new novel, The Miracle Man

Review for The Miracle Man from ... "Whitehouse writes well with good humour and a modern style and the miracles are well thought out and delivered...this book is a huge accomplishment."
Read the review on

The Spirituality of Prosperity

On Friday 24th September I'll be speaking at an evening on the Spirituality of Prosperity in Epsom, England. Would love to see you there.Details from Mercedes Motivates.

The Miracle Man - reviews please!

It’s now just a two-month count-down until the publication of my new novel The Miracle Man.
Imagine Simon Cowell as Christ! What would happen if US talent show judge became a miraculous healer of body, mind and soul on live TV?
Would the world love him as he helped us heal from war, division, addiction — and shopping? Or would he pose a terrible threat by crashing the economy?
The book is now available for pre-order at and . If you have a vehicle for reviewing books, please let me know and I’ll get the publisher to send you a copy.

Maggy's events for September in London and Birmingham UK.

Three important events to bring to your attention for September — The Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Teacher Training course in September and October and two Spiritual Laws of Prosperity events in LONDON.Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Teacher Training is open to anyone who has attended one of my courses or read my three prosperity books. Dates: 11/12th September and 9th/10th October in Birmingham. This is a certificated two-weekend training course for anyone who wants to be a workshop leader or tutor of prosperity consciousness. What a gift to give the world! It is time to help our friends and colleagues to live an abundant life while doing the work they were born to do. The course includes a teacher’s manual for both the Spiritual Laws of Prosperity and Spiritual Marketing workshops. Fantastic introductory price: only £500. For more details email me at There will be other dates next year so please contact me to express interest.The Spiritual Laws of Prosperit…

Are you making your life or assembling it?

Most people don’t cook; they assemble ingredients. The difference is in the soul of the cook which creates the soul of the meal with love as opposed to putting it together while thinking of something else.

In America, in particular, hundreds of packet foods from the supermarket claim to be ‘home-style when they mean ‘you add some water when you get it home and then heat it up.’

Back in the 1990s when I (briefly) ran a café in Montana, the clientele didn’t understand what I meant when I said our food was ‘home-made’. They thought that everything in any café was ‘home-style’ even when most of it came out of a packet from Sysco — and they didn’t see why they should pay any more for my chocolate fudge cake than they did for a Sysco brownie. (Don’t get me wrong, Sysco packet brownies were, taste-wise, to die for — probably in more ways than one…). It’s just like that in the UK too now.

But cooking … real cooking is about embracing food; cherishing it; appreciating its origins and the process …

Kabbalah and Healing

Just click on the PDF to open and read.

NEW! Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Teacher Training.

Would you like to be able to teach others how to prosper in the work they were born to do and the life they were born to live? Now you can.After nearly 20 years of teaching The Spiritual Laws of Prosperity to thousands, Maggy is training up teachers to continue this valuable work worldwide.The first classes will be held in Birmingham, England this summer.The Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Teacher Training is a two-weekend training course for those who would like to teach Maggy’s Prosperity Consciousness and Spiritual Marketing Workshops.Preliminary dates: 15/16 and 28/29 August. The training takes four days.Only four places remaining. It is likely that there will be further dates Sept-Oct due to the high level of interest.The course will include a refresher on the two workshops themselves and both oral and written instructions on how to teach them on. It will be certificated.More and more people are setting up as holistic practitioners nowadays but they are falling flat because of their…

The Power of Hidden Beliefs

For the last few months I’ve been trying an experiment. It was pretty brave of me to do it as a teacher of prosperity but I thought it was worth trying.
At every workshop I’ve done and at every talk I’ve given I’ve said the following:

“They say that if you do what you love, the money will follow. But that’s rubbish isn’t it?”

At every group I’ve got a sea of relieved nods, deep sighs and a sense of people letting go of tension and even distress. It even happened among the Masonic community in Washington particularly among those who are working in holistic health.

The only disagreements were from the people who were in ‘real jobs’ that they loved. But every one of them admitted that they worked too hard; didn’t get to see enough of their families and felt stressed out much of the time.

When I was a child, my mother read me Hans Christian Anderson’s story ‘The Little Mermaid’ and I remember vividly what the mermaid was told if she wanted to have legs and live on land: “You have to suffer to …

The Prosperity Secrets of the Bible Unity of Fairfax VA

I'll be talking at Unity Church of Fairfax, VA, on The Prosperity Secrets of the Bible at 7.30pm on Wednesday 23rd June. If you would like to come along, the contact details are below:The talk will cover:Judaism, Christianity and their differing attitudes to money.The issues within spiritual people about being spiritual and wealthy.The all-important balance between giving and receiving (my cup runneth over).Charles Fillmore’s teaching on ‘Divine Substance.’How ‘Divine Substance’ and the Law of Attraction are demonstrated throughout the Bible.The prosperity teachings within the Ten Commandments.How to clearly understand the Law of Tithing.Jesus’ and St. Paul’s teachings on abundance and money and how they translate to a modern world of mortgages and bills.How to ‘Ask, believing’ so that you may receive.Contact:Rev. Sandra L. Butler
Associate Minister
Unity of Fairfax Church
2854 Hunter Mill Road
Oakton, VA 22124
703-281-1767 ext.102

Back to Basics — Clearing That Clutter

It’s been a long time since I included clutter-clearing in any of my workshops or articles because it’s what I was doing 15 years ago and nowadays it seemed to be so old hat. Surely everyone knows that ?

But no. I’ve been reminded this week that it’s still the most important first step there is to clearing space for new prosperity.

Many years ago, I had a brand new and extremely handsome boyfriend who was very hot on keeping things tidy. I wasn’t. One day he turned up unexpectedly and, seeing him through the window, I frantically hurled every bit of untidiness I could find into the cupboard under the stairs (on top of three feet of other stuff) and opened the front door to greet him.

He kissed me, came in and took off his coat. As I went into the kitchen to make some tea, he tried to put his coat away in the cupboard… The ironing board promptly fell on him weighted down with what appeared to be half a ton of rubble.

The relationship did not thrive.

So it’s an easy jump to realising that i…

Maria Vittoria Longhitano

Many congratulations to my fellow 'Old Catholic' priest Maria Vittoria Longhitano - Italy's first woman priest.

She's going to be referred to as 'Mother.' That certainly hasn't happened to me yet..

Wonderful news - details from the BBC

The Miracle Man - Cowell as Christ?

The forces of good and evil confront each other in a showdown after 21st century Messiah changes the world order

Houston, TX, May 17, 2010 - In The Miracle Man (O-Books), Maggy Whitehouse cleverly charts two years in the life of a modern-day Messiah who becomes a judge on The Miracle Mile (America’s Got Talent), living in the spotlight of the modern media where every move is splashed across newspapers, television and the internet, including his healing powers that are used to obliterate drugs, alcohol, gambling – all and any of the dangerous addictions prevalent in today’s society. The story follows the exact chronology of the four Gospels of the New Testament, featuring every major character, but giving them modern names and providing updates to each story that make it appealing to the secular world of today.

Josh Goldstone is the new Messiah; a quiet and unassuming man, married to a TV star and celebrity judge who is killed when their car crashes into a lake in Nevada. Josh vani…

For the Difficult Times (in memory of Mr. Cat).

So, you’re doing the prosperity work (you are aren’t you?) whether it’s affirmations, EFT, meditation, visualization etc. etc.
And yet, some days just suck.

And if you’re anything like me you start beating yourself up for the fact that you’ve managed to create a difficult day. It must be your responsibility, right?

But wait a minute. Stop. Breathe. I’m going to tell you a secret:

Even if you are totally positive, holistic and spiritual, Stuff Happens. Stuff sometimes just IS.

Why Stuff Happens depends on what else is going on in your life but there is always going to be the potential for Stuff (and yes, feel free to change the word ‘Stuff’ for another beginning with ‘s’ if it feels better).

This month the cat belonging to one of my friends had to be put down. Now she can be as enlightened as she likes; she can be a committed positive-thinker; she can know for sure that Mr. Cat is happy in the heavenly armchair. But the truth is that she is wracked with grief. And she really, really doesn’t …