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I have FOUR websites: This is, not surprisingly, about about offering spiritual funerals. This is about the Judaic mysticism of 2000 years ago. It's now known as Kabbalah and the popular kind is a 16th century re-working of the original, which was called Merkabah or 'Chariot Riders.'
I study and teach the original.
The main difference is that the old tradition believes, as it says in the Book of Genesis, that when God created the world, He created it good. And that evil is a result of the misuse of free will by humanity.
The new tradition believes that when God created the world he made a mistake and that evil entered as an external force. - Tethered Camel Ltd. is the publishing company that I run with my husband Peter Dickinson and our friend Jon Taylor. - a guide to living abundantly. I do a monthly FREE prosperity email course so if you're interested, email me on


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