Prosperity and Selfishness

At last Saturday's Spiritual Laws of Prosperity workshop the old fear of being prosperous being selfish reared its ugly head. It's such a guilt trip that we have taken on - along the lines that everyone else I love can do well (and I'll help them) but it would be wrong and selfish for me to be wealthy.

And yet, secretly (of course) we feel envy when the others do succeed and we face yet another false dawn of hope and disappointment.

Here's the bottom line: You can't help anyone else to prosper unless you can demonstrate prosperity in your own life.

There's no merit in wearing yourself out running after others until you run out of steam. That would be like giving someone a lift to a town 200 miles away without checking that you had enough fuel in your car. If you aren't whole and full and happy before you try and help another you will end up running on empty and, the odds are, they'll get cross with you for not being able to finish what you started!

The only way for the whole world to overcome poverty, hunger, war and hatred is for us to address those issues within ourselves. If they cannot exist in us, then they cannot exist elsewhere. Similarly, the poverty within us is reflected in the world outside.

So, prosperity consciousness is the very opposite of selfishness; it is the most unselfish thing you can do. For if you are truly prosperous you can teach others to prosper too.


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