Are you making your life or assembling it?

Most people don’t cook; they assemble ingredients. The difference is in the soul of the cook which creates the soul of the meal with love as opposed to putting it together while thinking of something else.

In America, in particular, hundreds of packet foods from the supermarket claim to be ‘home-style when they mean ‘you add some water when you get it home and then heat it up.’

Back in the 1990s when I (briefly) ran a café in Montana, the clientele didn’t understand what I meant when I said our food was ‘home-made’. They thought that everything in any café was ‘home-style’ even when most of it came out of a packet from Sysco — and they didn’t see why they should pay any more for my chocolate fudge cake than they did for a Sysco brownie. (Don’t get me wrong, Sysco packet brownies were, taste-wise, to die for — probably in more ways than one…). It’s just like that in the UK too now.

But cooking … real cooking is about embracing food; cherishing it; appreciating its origins and the process of its transformation into a vehicle for gathering people together to experience love in their minds, mouths, hearts and stomachs.

We rarely put our heart and soul into making beans on toast but we keep on eating them… We don’t know what’s really in that food or with what kind of emotion it was assembled. Does it matter? In a small but significant way, it does. Is your life all about hasty assembly? How much thought and attention really goes into it? How often do you cook a real meal? And if your life is such that you don’t have time, why is that?

When we buy packet or prepared foods, we feed the armour; the image; the persona. Marketing for women in particular is all about enhancing your armour so that your body looks good or impressive to others without having to do the inner work or accept the truth that you are becoming an elder; a wise one; a powerful being.

The marketing is a lie and an excuse for us not to become the wise elder. It’s dishonest because no one on the hair, eyelashes or face cream adverts is un-enhanced in post-production (if not on the surgeon’s table). It’s also a lie that packaged foods are as good for us as home-made stuff created with love. We’d prefer it that way because it means that we are not responsible for our developing lives.

Assemble ingredients and eat them in front of the television every night and there is no reason to celebrate; there is nothing to get excited about. There is no heart and no soul to express. Does that reflect your life? I would guess so…

The link with prosperity consciousness is that, often, we are happy to celebrate the new and the exciting (the dinner party, the special event, the fabulous meal out) and completely forget to celebrate the everyday. When we start out working on manifesting the life that we want, we are thrilled and excited at every new good thing that comes along and the Law of Attraction thrives on our enthusiasm. But then we start to take stuff for granted and the Law of Attraction starts taking us for granted in return. It seems to get harder and harder to attract the basics that we need to be comfortable. Well of course it does if we take it for granted when it’s here. Or if we bitch about the phone company because they’ve got something wrong or Facebook (a totally free service BTW) because it has gone down for 24 hours.

Even worse, when we start not appreciating what we have at all, it’s a sign to the universe that we really don’t want good food/good life/celebration any more.

I’m very blessed in being the author of 15 published books now and, to be honest, unless I get conscious about it, another new book isn’t the big deal it used to be. But nowadays I make damn sure that I DO get conscious about it! Today, even though I’m now heart and soul into my new children’s book, I know it’s vital that when book no. 15, The Miracle Man, actually arrives on my doorstep in October I must pick up my author’s copies, dance around the house with them, thank God from the bottom of my heart and drink champagne. If I just go. ‘Oh yes, there they are,’ and get back to my emails, why should the Universe bother to find me a good publisher for the next one? And why should it make The Miracle Man sell?

You don’t like cooking? Fair enough; it’s an analogy. Just remember to appreciate the ease of life when there’s packet food available instead of taking it for granted.

Here’s another one.

My husband is the average kind of man when it comes to buying me flowers. But we have a lot of flowers in the garden that I love so I’m rarely short of roses or other lovelies. At the weekend we had people to a workshop so I bought some wonderful lillies and plundered the garden for extras to display with them. And the participants had good weather so they appreciated our garden deeply and they reminded me to appreciate it too.

On Monday, Lion bought me 14 red roses in a plastic sheath from the supermarket. I could have said, ‘but we’re awash with roses!’ or ‘from Sainsbury’s?’ and derided him for spending so little money on me. I could have stuck them in a vase in the living room where they would have bloomed unappreciated for 16 hours in a day. Or I could greet them, bless them, thank him with a kiss and enthusiasm, give them flower food and arrange them prettily. And I could carry them vase of roses around the house with me as I work, play and sleep so that I can appreciate every beautiful sight of them and every waft of their scent. Which do you think will tell the Law of Attraction that I love flowers in my life and would welcome more?

So this month’s exercise is to celebrate everything in your life. Your partner of years, your work, your home, your food and your friends (and if you can’t celebrate any or all of them, then it’s a sign that something needs to change and soon). Rev up your enthusiasm so that the Law of Attraction can start reflecting your excitement back to you. Start with that next cup of tea. It only takes a minute to take a sip and savour it when it’s hot instead of drinking it absent-mindedly when it’s half cold. You may even discover that you don’t like tea any more and that you’ve been drinking it for months without noticing. And how interesting it will be to discover your new favourite beverage…


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