It’s got nothing to do with money…

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It’s got nothing to do with money…

I know that it’s still hard to believe sometimes but I don’t believe that our financial problems have anything to do with the actual amount of money that we have (or don’t have). Everywhere I do a talk, whenever I ask what money is, people reply ‘energy.’ So if it’s just energy, it responds to who we are; what we think and what we believe in doesn’t it?

But we still think that it
is about the money itself.

In the last week I’ve spoken with people who had sporadic income and nothing coming in for two clear months with mortgage still to pay, people who had jobs that paid enough to cover the rent and the debt repayment for the next six months at least, with a woman who ‘only has £5,000 left’ in her savings, no mortgage or rent to pay, a good pension and not a debt to her name and with someone who has a life-time work redundancy payment, no mortgage, no debt and a partner who’s earning more than £30,000 a year. What did they have in common? They were all frozen with
exactly the same level of terror whatever their circumstances.

So what does money mean to us?




In the Western world we are unlikely to be attacked by a lion or to experience crop failure and famine but we still fear anything that can mean that we can’t hunt (earn), have shelter or eat. So we fear the lack of the means to support ourselves. Even though most of us live in a welfare state where we would be taken care of and most of us have families who could put us up if push came to shove.

So we could survive. But not without a huge loss of pride. We would feel that we had failed and were lesser (we often feel that we have already failed with the examples of other apparently wealthy people before us). The interesting thing is that the ‘wealthier’ people felt no less fear about losing status than those who had much less money.

The status we have in other people’s eyes is the biggest demon in our prosperity consciousness. To give you an example: our fridge freezer is poorly and we’re not sure what our plans for next year are yet so instead of buying a new one, my husband has replaced it with an old fridge and separate freezer that we had in storage from a friend’s house. We usually use those only at Christmas time when we have visitors. So the old equipment is now sitting in the kitchen instead of the more modern appliance. It looks old; it looks (to me) scruffy and my ego loathes and detests it because I think visitors will look at it and think that this is our standard of living.

Does it work? Yes. Should I care what visitors think? No. Do the visitors actually care? No. It’s all about me and my pride.

Last month a dear friend cut herself out of a photograph of her family enjoying a special meal because she had not got a wine glass that matched the others on the table. She thought people seeing the picture would think she didn’t have any sense of style.

Now, we don’t have more than four matching glasses of any shape or form and it doesn’t bother me in the slightest but, given the fridge situation, I can relate because it’s exactly the same thing. It mattered so much to her that we don’t have any record of her being there at the lovely meal. She probably wouldn’t even notice my fridge…We all have our own push-points with this poverty-prosperity-ego thing.

So the answer? I think it’s Worth. Self-worth at the level of the soul. It’s not even about the ‘did you do the pink ribbon walk last weekend and get sponsored for charity?’ kind of worth because that’s the automatic (temporary) good feeling we get when we’ve helped others. It’s about
real worth.

It’s about feeling loved by God. Sorry, but there it is. We call It the Source, the Universe etc. nowadays because of all our projections about the mean man in the sky who punishes us. And much as I love the Abraham teachings and the other Law of Attraction teachings, I’m not sure that they help us with the relationship with our loving Creator. If we are one with God (which we are), where is the relationship? We humans do crave relationship; it’s the reason why duality exists. We can’t laugh without duality; we can’t cuddle and taste and smile without duality so we need relationship. And for worth, we need to have a loving relationship with the Holy One. If we feel valued by God, then it is easier to let go the need to be socially acceptable to others — and then the whole ‘having to have the goods and chattels’ bit will ease and the money issues will ease too.

To quote Mike Todd: “I've never been poor, only broke. Being poor is a frame of mind. Being broke is only a temporary situation.”

can’t be poor if you feel loved by God even if you’re broke. And you are loved by God. You don’t have to believe in God — or anything — to be loved. God is particularly fond of you. How do I know? Because I’m the author of 15 books and I simply cannot love one of them any more or less than the others. I can – and do – love them completely differently. Even the ones that are really out-of-date and don’t even reflect who I am now are cherished because I find something special inside them every time I pick one up and read a few paragraphs. And if I can do that over 15 books, what can God do about every one of us?

You are worthy; worth it; loved; adored; special; desired; perfect; gorgeous; glorious and cute to God. Just as you are (
even in those old PJs with socks on — especially in those old PJs with socks on…)

Just thought you might like to know that. It might just help with the prosperity consciousness thing...


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God Bless You ~Ron

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