Las Vegas follow-up

The good intentions... the good intentions... I never followed up on the story of travelling to Las Vegas to promote The Miracle Man. So here's a digest.

The Law of Attraction is immutable so, if you are willing to head off somewhere with confidence in your heart to do media interviews to promote your work, then somethings' going to happen. However, the physical manifestation might be a little slower than the time allotted!

So the radio interview requests all came in just after we'd left the USA to come back home! Never mind; thanks to the glory of the telephone and Skype, I've now done four radio interviews to promote the book - and it is selling steadily.

The most ironic of the calls came from a radio station in Mammoth Lakes, California just two days after we'd stayed the night there on our way back to San Francisco.

But the good news continues: I now have a regular slot on the Spiritual Laws of Prosperity on The Barefoot Broadcast on Blog Talk Radio and will be turning up there once a week at 11am GMT each Monday morning for the forseeable future. You can listen to the podcasts whenever you like in the week following each one.

The even better news is that the first of those broadcasts more than doubled their listening figures. Oh - and one of the callers was from Alameida, California wishing I would go and teach there. Guess where I was teaching just one month earlier....

I'd hoped for around three or four interviews in Las Vegas. Instead I got nine... Way-to-go!


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