How To Understand Your Soul — The Webinar.

Six one-hour sessions to help you understand the interior levels of psyche, soul and spirit. With Rev. Maggy Whitehouse.
Six Monday evenings from 7th November. 7pm GMT. Full details of each session at the end of this blog.
All participants receive MP3 recording and Power Point of each session in addition to attending the live seminars online.

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People often speak of 'Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit' but can you distinguish between these different levels within you?
If part of life isn't working, it's likely that aspects of the ego genuinely think that they are coming from the soul. Transforming this is vitally important for living a conscious, prosperous and happy life. It is also vital for understanding your own relationship with God. The soul is the pivotal point between heaven and earth.
Poverty, both physical and emotional, begins through neglect of the soul. As it says in the Coptic Gospel of Thomas: “If you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty."
Using wisdom from the ancient teachings of the Tree of Life, Maggy will explain the levels within us and how to make the turnaround  we want in order to follow our heart (and soul)'s desire. Includes six interior journeys. Price: £55. 
NB. Participants who are not able to attend the course live may still purchase it and send written questions for Maggy to answer each week. They will receive each session via email on the following day.

How to Understand Your Soul — course contents:

Session One
Ego - Self - Soul - Spirit - Source (God). How is each one defined according to Judaic mysticism? 
What is the purpose of these distinctions?
How can we identify them?
How the Tree of Life can help us understand the levels within us.
How Astrology can help us understand the levels within us.
The Astrology of your Soul.
(all participants will receive astrological details of the Kabbalistic interpretation of their soul's formation on submission of their birth data).
Visualisation: The levels within you.

Session Two
What is the Ego?
The Vegetable Soul.
How the brain functions at the Ego level.
The importance of repetition.
The pros and cons of the Ego
Dissolve the Ego or transform it?
Visualisation: Visiting the Ego and the vegetable soul and learning how they support us or not.

Session Three
What is the 'Self'?
The Animal Soul
How do we individuate? 
What happens when we individuate too early due to childhood issues?
Truth and Beauty - the characteristics of our Self.
Visualisation: Visiting the Self and the Animal Soul and learning their timbre; colour; strengths and weaknesses.

Session Four
What is the Human Soul?
What's the difference between Soul and Spirit?
The Kiss - where Earth and Heaven meet.
Discernment and Loving Kindness.
Good and Evil at the Soul level.
Visualisation: Visiting our Soul.

Session Five
Spirit: what it is and what it isn't.
Angels and Archangels.
Good and Evil at the level of Spirit
Group Souls
Animal Souls
Visualisation: Contacting Spirit through the Soul.

Session Six
How all the levels work together in a balanced human being - levels of 'Will'
Your Sun Angel
Your Moon (ego) Angel
Visualisation: The Inner Temple
God - your personal relationship
Questions and summing up.

Rev. Maggy Whitehouse is the author of Living Kabbalah, From Credit Crunch to Pure Prosperity, Prosperity Teachings of the Bible and Total Kabbalah. She has taught mysticism, Kabbalah and prosperity consciousness in the UK, Europe and USA since 1993.
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