56. The Edinburgh Fringe.

My goodness, what a week it's been.

The lady with the horse has been in touch so I'm going to ride Carrie for the first time on Saturday. Now I'm skinnier my jodhpurs will be a bit loose but I'm sure they're elastic enough for all they're very old. The hat's fine too but I'll have to get some new riding gloves.

We're going to Cyprus to be at Ariadne's christening and to see Tim again for the first time in two years.

We're going to France—Lion's friends, Roger and Barbara, are hosting us at a gîte in Brittany and all we have to do is find the cash to get there and back—and lots for good French mange-ing.

My shiatsu practitioner is giving me a dehumidifier so I can have fun with raw foods.

And this autumn I'll be doing a one-hour one-woman show at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Stone me!  Well, don't. I've been in quite enough trouble lately ... but you know what I mean.

I applied for Edinburgh through Laughing Horse Comedy and they've picked me (and 349 others) from 1200 applications to represent them. That's pretty huge.

I expected a 20 minute gig—but an hour! Wow. Well, that's what people have been telling me I'd be best at—and I agree—a show with time to engage people, tell stories and both inspire and amuse.

Well I'll be living until September then at the very least. Good-oh. Always good to have a fresh reason to live. Not that the old ones were paling—Lion, beagles, Karen, Chris, Adam, David, Michael; the Moor etc. etc. But even so... Thank you God and thank you Laughing Horse.

I've heard about dying on stage (and beloved Tommy Cooper did, of course) and, metaphorically I've done it myself. Taunton. Ouch. But doing it literally would just be taking the piss. I suppose I could just lie there in my coffin but that would be boring—and require a lot of incense.

No, I'll make it to Edinburgh. And I have Cyprus and France to strengthen me on the way. And the love and support of so many people. Already, there's a group of friends and friends of friends asking around to find me a room to stay in, in Edinburgh, for the duration of the festival. That's social networking at its best.

Thank you. Thank you all. Thank you God.


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