Weirdest — and Sweetest — Car Park Ever.

There was a time, and not so long ago either, when, if you were a vegan, you couldn't have the treats that the rest of us take for granted. Maybe that's what made so many vegans so cross with the rest of the world?

It's always interested me why those who care so much for the planet and its creatures are often willing to psychologically attack humans who don't share their beliefs. Obviously, they believe that we are all wrong but there are good ways and means of educating us and blaming and shaming isn't one of them.

I once had a former student tell me I was the personification of evil and she was recycling all my books because she had found out that I ate meat. She added that she would have burnt them but she was a good woman and wasn't going to add that pollution to the planet.

She may well have been a good woman although I'm always suspicious of those who actually tell me that, just as I'm suspicious of those who say 'I'm coming from the heart' which is so often egoic passive aggression for 'and you're not.'

I know she's right in a way — at least in that it would be better for the world if we ate much more vegetarian food and much less meat and I hope I'll get there in my own time. But not when I'm exposed to hatred. She was full of the Biblical commandment 'thou shalt not kill,' but what she didn't realise was that the Hebrew commandment is actually  'thou shalt not commit murder' — it's nearly always mistranslated — and to the mystic that includes psychological murder: the attacking and shaming of another.

And the world is changing. I am delighted to see that. Chocola Tree in Sedona is a herald of the (I'm sure gratefully received) New Age belief that it's okay to have yummy stuff including chocolate if you're vegan and wear purple clothes with too many buttons. Or even if you're not.

It's a fascinating rabbit-warren of a shop with fabulous ginger, lemon and honey lemonade, fresh juices and a delicious menu that's all vegan, gluten-free, organic or locally-sourced, GM-free — and it has a whole counter of chocolate. Have a look at their fabulous range of treats here. They made my mouth water.

Lion, who's an archetypical bloke and into his Sunday roast and sausages wasn't all that keen but I know that if I lived in Sedona, this would be my (alternative) coffee shop of choice.

Chocola Tree is  the kind of thing that's going to inspire people to change — it is filled with good feelings, good food and friendly staff.

They also have a very amusing, weird and loving car park. Here are some of the signs in it.

And finally, they sell tee-shirts with lovely life-affirming messages such as this:

You change the world with love, not hatred. You promote peace by being peace. Chocola Tree rocks!


Clay Withers said…
Hi Maggy, yes, there is too much hate in the world, the trouble is, it harms those who harbour it. I am a vegetarian now, but if people want to eat meat, that's ok. There is a Paster here on google, I won't mention any names, but he insists on pushing the vegan agenda in the name of the Father. I did ask him to explain Leviticus in regard to that belief. He has not responded yet. No matter. I believe our bodies are designed to eat mostly vegetables/fruit, and eating meat in this modern world with the numerous processes involved in it's journey from birth to slaughter to the shop, are enhanced with feed additives, chemicals and other unknown substances. On the other hand, vegetables and fruits are also subject to similar processes. The only way we can be sure of what we eat is to keep our own livestock, and grow our own fruit/vegetables. That is not always practical or economically viable. So it's catch 22. We also have GMO's being produced which look like & taste like the real thing; but they are not as nature intended! And the long term effects are not yet known.... If you are like me these things wont bother you, for we will be here as long as Our Father wills it; as Jesus said: "It is not what enters into the mouth that defiles the man, but what proceeds out of the mouth, this defiles the man." The disciples were concerned that the Pharisees were offended by this saying, but Jesus wasn't concerned about their concern, he had no fear of the Pharisees; and would later convert one of them as an apostle, Paul. What a perfect man Jesus was, a true Son of his Father! Shalom.

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