I love the word ‘resonance.’ It’s alliterative: rezzzzzonance! And it describes so well how the Law of Attraction works. As the Abraham teachings say "That which is like unto itself is drawn." So when we resonate with what we want, then our vibration is identical to the vibration of its reality in our life – and it must come.

But vibration is as precise as the keys on a piano and you know how a piece of music can grate when there is just one note wrong. So it’s really important to try and raise our vibrations as often as we can and for as long as we can.

A lot of the time we experience the "switching the kettle off just before it boils" syndrome which means that we think of something we want; affirm for it and believe that it’s on its way so much that we even get goosebumps.

But two or three days later, when it hasn’t arrived, we wonder why – and we switch off that vibrational kettle of manifestation with the simple noticing that what we wanted hasn’t arrived. And every other day when it hasn’t arrived, that thought achieves more power and the kettle gets turned off earlier and earlier.

Another analogy is a situation to which I am slightly prone – I’ll plant some seeds in a pot and then, if they don’t come up as fast as I think they should, I’ll keep checking on them and disturbing the earth and maybe even digging them up to see what’s going on.

In a nutshell you can’t resonate with happiness and wealth when you’re wondering why it hasn’t come yet. Tough call? Certainly but it leads to the ultimate quest in all Prosperity Consciousness – to be so happy in the present moment that you feel as though it (whatever it may be) has already come. You are so happy that you don’t even mind one way or another because you are simply happy. And of course, when you are so happy, prosperity comes.

Often, one of the simple helpers here is to make a small change in the day’s routine or your habitual clothing – dress or act as you will when the desired outcome is already here. If you are looking for love, then float down the High Street with a beautific smile in your sexiest clothes as though you were just coming away from a romantic tryst. If you want to travel abroad, have your passport, sunshine clothes and holiday insurance piled up ready on the dressing table – oh, and get that suitcase down.

A funny thing has just happened – I’ve just this minute had a telephone call from a company specialising in oveseas conveyancing. About a year ago I registered on a website which shows houses for sale in Italy as Peter and I have been thinking about getting a holiday home. And suddenly, out of the blue, as I’m writing this, someone who would do all the legal work and help us find a place shows up.

Yes, there was a temptation to say "no, not yet" but that would have been switching my kettle off. We have been thinking of taking a quick flight out to Pisa to take a first look at what’s available. I think I’d better get onto the internet!

Can you see how it works? Move forwards with the impulse. If you want the extra money start looking at what you want to do with it; check out your priorities and plan your purchases. And then visualise yourself already with them. If that little "but it’s not here there" bug comes along, hit it with a mental frying pan and say "that’s only because of you!"

Then have some more fun visualising and planning. If you make that part of it the focus of everything – having fun NOW – then it’s much easier.

Oh – please don’t put any negative energy into China and Tibet! There’s a rush of attention on the Tibetan issue because of the Olympic games. Far better to visualise peace and happiness in both countries than to complain. It’s fairly simple to visualise a free Tibet and a happy China! Feels better too.

Speaking of which – if you want to visualise for World Peace each full moon, contact the Rising Phoenix Organisation . They have a free downloadable peace meditation which all the supporters of that site do every full moon. Always better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.

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