Back to Basics — Clearing That Clutter

It’s been a long time since I included clutter-clearing in any of my workshops or articles because it’s what I was doing 15 years ago and nowadays it seemed to be so old hat. Surely everyone knows that ?

But no. I’ve been reminded this week that it’s still the most important first step there is to clearing space for new prosperity.

Many years ago, I had a brand new and extremely handsome boyfriend who was very hot on keeping things tidy. I wasn’t. One day he turned up unexpectedly and, seeing him through the window, I frantically hurled every bit of untidiness I could find into the cupboard under the stairs (on top of three feet of other stuff) and opened the front door to greet him.

He kissed me, came in and took off his coat. As I went into the kitchen to make some tea, he tried to put his coat away in the cupboard… The ironing board promptly fell on him weighted down with what appeared to be half a ton of rubble.

The relationship did not thrive.

So it’s an easy jump to realising that if we do get something new and good in our lives, existing clutter will destroy or at least damage it. And that applies to emotional clutter just as much as to the physical stuff.

Clutter and Adultery?

For years I puzzled over Jesus of Nazareth’s teaching about divorce (that someone who marries a previously married person commits adultery and causes them to commit adultery). But when I found that I loved Lion after the end of my previous marriage it started to make sense. The previous relationship was constantly trying to break through into the new one. Old habits, old beliefs, old possessions and memories from the previous relationship were like stains on a new, white blouse.

Even though we both knew that this was ‘the’ relationship we didn’t get married for four years in order to do all that we could to dissolve the old feelings and memories. And I’m very glad that we waited. But even now, the past can creep in. At Lion’s son’s wedding they had pictures of his late wife with candles. All right and proper and rather lovely but I did feel a bit odd about being there until Margaret’s sisters had welcomed me (we had never met before).

So if there is something new and good coming into your life (or you want there to be) then clutter clearing is vital … and it needs to be done regularly. The spiritual author, Stuart Wilde, suggests that we go through our address book and put an ink line through everyone who makes our heart sink when we read their name and a pencil line through the name of anyone who just makes you feel neutral. Then invite all those who make your heart lift out to lunch.

That might be a bit tricky if you are employed or have a family… however, you can move energy in the physical world and it will move through to other levels — ‘As above, so below’ works both ways.

Moving 27 Items

There’s a Feng Shui teaching that we should regularly reposition 27 items in our home — especially if there are 27 objects which haven’t been moved for a year (which, let’s face it, there are!)

Why 27? Because nine is considered the number of longevity in Feng Shui, and multiplying it by three, the number of growth, will invite a continuous string of auspicious changes into our life.

So I did it. Good grief! Firstly, about 22 of the objects found a new home in Oxfam immediately because I realised how useless they had become. Then Lion and I began moving furniture, giving away things we ‘were going to get round to using someday’ and even wearing different clothes. Then I felt inspired into doing a (long overdue) energy cleansing throughout the house.

Within 24 hours we received notification that the company supposed to be double-glazing the house could set a date for doing all the windows (this had been stalling for five months), a financial windfall arrived we decided to reorganize and even cancel some group meetings which weren’t thriving. And wow, do we feel better!

So clear that physical clutter, and by the Law of Attraction you clear good space for the new. And if only new clutter comes, do it again. And again. Until the new is clear and good and delightful. You know it makes sense.


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