The Miracle Man - Cowell as Christ?

The forces of good and evil confront each other in a showdown after 21st century Messiah changes the world order

Houston, TX, May 17, 2010 - In The Miracle Man (O-Books), Maggy Whitehouse cleverly charts two years in the life of a modern-day Messiah who becomes a judge on The Miracle Mile (America’s Got Talent), living in the spotlight of the modern media where every move is splashed across newspapers, television and the internet, including his healing powers that are used to obliterate drugs, alcohol, gambling – all and any of the dangerous addictions prevalent in today’s society. The story follows the exact chronology of the four Gospels of the New Testament, featuring every major character, but giving them modern names and providing updates to each story that make it appealing to the secular world of today.

Josh Goldstone is the new Messiah; a quiet and unassuming man, married to a TV star and celebrity judge who is killed when their car crashes into a lake in Nevada. Josh vanishes – only to emerge transformed from the desert forty days later. When he becomes the replacement judge for his wife, he is launched into a celebrity-driven world where the demons that need to be exorcised are usually in the contestants!

Josh is adored by the masses he heals of their pain, grief and sickness but hated by fundamental Christians who see him as a threat to their faith. Worse, he is a threat to the economy; after all, nobody needs drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or any other vices when their hearts and minds are healed.

Josh’s real task is not for his own people but to help the Dalai Lama return to Tibet. The price of fame goes through the roof as he launches a celebrity-led peaceful liberation of Tibet and an extraordinary U-turn in Chinese policy, but his enemies only see that he is too much of a threat to the world order. Josh’s PR guru Jude (Judas) believes that the publicity coup of the year would come from a live, on-air assassination. After all, Josh will finish the story by rising again – or will he?

Maggy Whitehouse does a superb job of showing the world all the miracles that Jesus did but in a 21st century setting and in a way that she hopes will encourage people to read the Bible again and perhaps see Jesus differently.

Maggy Whitehouse is a minister in an independent Sacramental Christian Church, an expert on mystical Bible interpretation, an author whose many books have been published worldwide, and a journalist and broadcaster with more than thirty years’ radio and TV experience in her native England. Visit Maggy at: Amazon Author Central or on her websites at: and



Jane Struthers of Bella magazine and best-selling author of Literary Britain and Ireland and Royal Palaces of Britain: “If you loved the Da Vinci Code you will fall on this book with cries of delight.”

Jacky Newcomb, TV Presenter, Multi-award winner, best-selling author: “Spellbinding; Josh Goldstone is an angel for the modern world.”


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