Careless Talk Costs Pies...

This is a true story about just how literal the Universe and the Law of Attraction are. So we might do well to watch our words!

My friend Philip was in Florida teaching workshops and his hosts took him out to supper at their favourite diner.

In the dessert cabinet at the diner there was just one slice of Key Lime Pie. Now Philip
loves Key Lime Pie. And I mean loves Key Lime Pie.

He kept his eye on it throughout the whole meal, praying for it still to be there when they had all finished their main course (it didn’t occur to him that there might be a whole new pie in the kitchen waiting to be put out). As he was so focused on the pie, he didn’t enjoy his salad as much as he would usually have done; he was too focused on that fabulous pie.

Finally, the waitress had taken away their empty plates and returned to ask if they would like any dessert. The pie was still there!

All the others said ‘No thanks, we’re full’ but Philip managed to overcome his fear of being seen to be greedy and said, ‘Well as I’m here and I do love Key Lime Pie I would like that last piece of pie please.’

It duly arrived; it smelt delicious and Philip took a bite. Just as the sublime taste filled his mouth, his host (who was one of those people who eat from other people’s plates without asking) said, ‘Is it any good’ and he poised his spoon to take some for himself. At once, the other two people at the table lifted their spoons too.

Philip said, ‘Oh no – it’s terrible. You wouldn’t like it at all.’

The waitress, who was just standing behind him was there in a flash.

‘I’m so sorry, Sir,’ she said, whipping the pie away before Philip’s spoon could take a second piece. ‘Our abject apologies ... we would like to offer you anything else on the house. Anything at all!’

And before Philip could open his mouth, she had thrown the pie into the trash.

If you, like me, are a lover of desserts, you may need to take a moment to digest (or not!) that story. It’s just too horrible isn’t it?

But that’s how the Universe works. Philip’s thoughts about the pie were all about lack from the start. He wanted it, but he was afraid it wouldn’t be there when he was ready for it. He never considered that there might be more pie in the kitchen. He was also stuck in the convention of having a first course that he didn’t necessarily want given his desire for the pie so he couldn’t break with tradition and say ‘thanks, I’ll miss the main course and go straight for that fabulous pie.’ If he had, none of the others (who were just as traditional) would have wanted any.

And even though the pie was wonderful, he couldn’t praise it because he was afraid it would be taken away from him.

Ouch. A cautionary tale indeed....

Wishing you lots of fabulous pie this month x.


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