Contributing to the Storehouse of Healing

This is a lovely healing meditation written by my bishop, Rt. Rev. David Goddard:

We have all been deeply stirred by the earthquake and tsunami in the Pacific. Especially by the suffering of the Japanese people. So we are calling on all people of good-heart to join in this united meditation to send positive energy to those who are suffering. A great storehouse for positive energy has been created on the Astral Plane, to help those who are able to consciously project from their physical bodies and to go to help as Invisible Helpers, to help traumatized souls to pass over. And to inspire the rescue-workers to where they can find survivors. From this storehouse the Invisible Helpers can draw strength, inspiration and motivation. You can help by sending energy to the storehouse. The Invisible Helpers administer relief all around the clock – using a relay system – taking their turns on the Astral, while their bodies sleep on the physical plane.

Here is how you can send light-energy to the storehouse – first light a candle especially for this meditation.

Now using your imagination, envision yourself standing on a high point – a hill or mountain. It is late afternoon, and the sun is setting towards the West. Turn to face the East - so that the sun is behind you. Now imagine that your Soul-sight can see far away into the distance – that you can see as far as India and Tibet. Now ‘see’ the mountain range of the great Himalayas before you, its peaks are white with snow. Now scan the mountains, and look for a hidden valley set into the side of one of the peaks. You will recognize the Mystic Valley because it will be green with grass, even though all around it the land is covered by snow. It looks like an emerald set amongst the crystal peaks.

Focus on this valley and you will see that there are buildings and pathways in it. Some of the buildings are of dull white stone, while others are of wood. One of the stone building has a bell tower, and a pair of massive wooden doors. As soon as you have located this building the bell in the tower starts to peal, to ring out. This is the storehouse. Then four people - two male and two female – come into view and open the wooden doors ... and inside is radiant golden light.

Now send out from your heart-chakra all the positive emotions that you wish to deposit into the storehouse. Send it as a beam of light that flashes from your heart-chakra and adds to the golden light inside the building. Send thoughts and feelings of courage, love, hope, wholeness; send supportive thoughts for about 5 minutes. Certainly do not exceed 10 minutes. (If you feel strongly about this disaster, you can do this meditation twice a day, but please do not exceed 10 minutes at any one sitting). When you wish to finish, simply stop sending the energy. And ‘see’ the great gates of the storehouse being closed.

Then, draw your attention back from the Himalayas to the place where your physical body is situated. Focus on your heart-chakra, then on your physical body. And then extinguish the candle.

There is a blessing on all who serve.


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