HEARTWORK. Using Spiritual Marketing to build your Heart's Desire into a successful business. Six-week webinar series with Maggy Whitehouse

HEARTWORK. Spiritual Marketing To Build your Heart's Desire Into A Successful Business.

This six-week webinar seminar with Maggy Whitehouse will help you transform your work into a business that can prosper both you and the world. It is both for those who don't want 'a proper job' but who want to bring spiritual gifts to humanity and for those who simply want to find the work that is also the joy of life.

When you follow your heart, you step out of the conventional world-view. What you are offering may be a pearl of great price — but most people shop more for food than they do for jewelry. Therefore, there is an important blend to be made between inner work that expands the soul, draws clients for healing and offers abundance for the heart and outer work that creates products to support cash-flow and everyday prosperity. Getting this meld just right is the secret to a successful holistic business.

Maggy's spiritual marketing and prosperity work is highly recommended by Joe Vitale, author of The Attractor Factor and Zero Limits.

Starting Date: Monday 2nd May 2011 for Six Weeks.

Price: £50. Enquiries: mw@pureprosperity.com

But don't worry if you're late — this webinar will also be available as a series of MP3 downloads.

This six-week course is a magical blend of holistic and conventional business sense and marketing that is simple, practical, spiritual – and fun. What’s more, if you do it, it works. However, it’s important to understand that it won’t necessarily work in the way you expect it to. This brand of marketing gives the Universe permission to prosper you from all different directions as you do the work you were born to do. Yes, there will be direct returns too but understanding just how the Universe’s angels of prosperity will work with and for you is vital.

Maggy trained in conventional marketing with Dr. Roger Holdom, former Head of Marketing for BBC Radio 2 but was never comfortable with the aspect of ‘push, push, push.’ However, she has melded the aspects of conventional marketing which are simple and reliable with her own prosperity work in order to create a programme that is an holistic and effective blend of inner and outer work.

Maggy is the author of 16 books on prosperity, Kabbalah and other aspects of spirituality, including five spiritual novels. She is an international workshop leader, therapist and healer and lives and breathes the spiritual marketing techniques that she would love to share with you now.

Please note that all of these seminars contain visualisation work, therefore this is not a course suitable while driving or operating machinery.

Part One. Monday 2nd May

  • 'The Pearl of Great Price' — following your heart's desire in the workplace.
  • How spiritual marketing differs from conventional marketing.
  • Common subconscious resistances that scupper us, how to recognise and overcome them
  • When is it pushy and when is it thorough?
  • Before doing it, align with it
  • Why if it’s not fun, it can’t work. How to make it fun instead of duty
  • Why the Universe won't do it for you
  • Spotting the signs of what works and what doesn’t
  • What is your vision?
  • Commitment to yourself and to your work

Visualisation: Rooting yourself into the energy source and dissolving the blocks to self-nurturing

Part Two. Monday 9th May

  • Self-esteem and marketing
  • Know what you don't want — and what you do
  • Is this the work you were born to do? How do you know?
  • Do you know who actually wants what you are offering? Why would they want it? How can you draw them to you?
  • Your Unique Selling Point. What it is and how to find it
  • Why the business you start may not be the business you end up with
  • The Cosmic Chief Executive — sharing power and learning to listen to the divine advice
  • The Universe as your Personal Assistant
  • How to charge fairly and well
Visualisation: Mending the vessel and clearing ancestral curses. This visualisation will help with issues where money comes in - but flows out immediately.

Part Three.
Monday 16th May

  • Clearing your space — cleansing your work space and creating a vacuum to draw clients
  • Setting the example — where is the benefit of what you offer to others in your own life?
  • Personal and spiritual growth as a daily activity
  • The Free Lunch — swaps and exchanges
  • Fair bartering
  • Learning to receive
  • Attention-getting devices. Special offers and campaigns.
  • Multiple streams of income
  • The power of repetition
  • The power of prayer

Visualisation: The Tree of Abundance meditation to contact the Cosmic Internet

Part Four. Monday 23rd May

  • Setting yourself up for the day; taking care of you so that you can nurture others
  • The power of images
  • Creating an altar for your business
  • Tithing — time and money
  • Adding value. Healing resources that can support you and your work with clients.
  • Get therapy! Not only does that support your energy, it also creates a circular flow of money
  • Addressing financial beliefs and issues
  • What are your goals? Short term, medium term, long term. Do they align?
Visualisation: Who are the clients you want?
Visualisation: How you want your life and work to be next year and further in the future?

Part Five. Monday 30th May

  • Networking — what works and what doesn’t
  • The Internet: Social networking online and how to do it with integrity
  • Leaflets and business cards, the dos and don’ts
  • Pushing against, complaining and bitching. We all do it sometimes ... but we have to learn to stop
  • Supporting each other. Letting others point out what they see that may be blocking you
  • Freebies — when they work and when they don’t
  • Eliminating toxic giving
  • Understanding the Law of Allowing
  • Cosmic correction — letting the Universe hone and improve your services for you

Visualisation: The Inner Temple. Visiting your inner guidance for help in action, contemplation and allowing.

Part Six. Monday 6th June

  • Establishing yourself as an expert
  • Setting your vibrational tone
  • The Internet: websites, blogs, spreading the word
  • Radio and TV
  • E-courses and webinars
  • Tip sheets
  • CDs and MP3s
  • Articles and Letters to the Editor
  • Cosmic Ordering
  • Becoming visible in your community

Visualisation: Taking on the Wings of the Morning — mind-meld with Sachiel, angel of financial Prosperity, good fortune and kingship.

Dates: Monday 2nd May for Six Weeks. Price: £50. Enquiries: mw@pureprosperity.com.

HOW TO BOOK: Either email Maggy on mw@pureprosperity.com or send her a message on Facebook. You will then be sent a PayPal invoice for £50 and details of how to log on to each webinar.

Thank you. We wish you prosperity, health and joy.


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