Edinburgh Fringe Day 13 - Halfway Point

The city is packed with performers and happy crowds
I think Edinburgh is my most favourite city ever (excluding most of the ones in Italy, obviously). Yes, it's exceptionally vibrant (not to mention stuffed) right now with the Fringe and the Tattoo going on but it has huge personality. Not only is it beautiful with that incredible castle and the elegant stone buildings but the people are so very, very nice. They chat. They help. They smile.

As I was sitting at the bus stop with the beginnings of a hot flush, I got out my little fan to cool me. Five minutes later, the woman at the other end of the bench solicitously asked if I was feeling better.

I'm not sure that would have happened even in Devon. Certainly rare in London. And it's  an interesting point too because not only have the hot flushes decreased dramatically since I've been here but, yes, generally I am a lot better. I'm following my heart's desire and I feel wonderfully well. I've got a bit of a swollen neck which may be new homeopathy or may be pounding the streets and that's uncomfortable and not particularly beautiful, making me look rather lopsided when my hair's not perfect but I'm well.

And so far no one has thrown anything at me when I accidentally lapse into a Scottish accent when I do the sketch about Eve and the serpent. I do do the serpent in Scottish elsewhere for the simple reason that I'm rubbish at accents and our 'adopted' son Tim is Scottish so I get to hear that accent most often.

I can hardly believe that I'm halfway through the festival already.

The re-worked show is doing very well and today, for the first time, I had more audience than either the Tickled Pigs or George Firehorse who followed me. It would appear that my audiences are building slowly and steadily. Mind you, I do wish they'd all get here relatively on time! One couple said, 'could you start at the beginning again?' because they were obviously enjoying themselves but there are repeat references which kind of need you to have been there at the start.

They say that Twitter is the medium to use to promote your show but I'm a bit of an old fart with Twitter. I find it tedious whereas I find Facebook fascinating and it's Facebook which is bringing me part of my audience. Tonight it was Katie Murphy who said 'Oh, aren't you wee?' when she met me which was enchanting and sat in the front row smiling broadly and chuckling audibly. I do like an audible chuckle; most of my audience are around my own age and they aren't guffaw kinds of people. Still, they are amused and that's what matters.

What is interesting me is that I'm having to cut more and more material out of the set because it's taking longer than it used to do. I'm not quite sure why but it's probably because I'm more relaxed and chatty. Yes, there are some extra jokes but I didn't think they would take up quite so much time. So I am alternating 'wanky bollox' spiritual stories as I now can't fit in both of them and one of them has completely re-written itself anyway ensuring that I've had to change the order of part of the show because it now has a lovely potential follow-on bit.

And I'm adding a little at the beginning about being menopausal and not picking on people in the audience because 30 seconds after they've told me their names, I've forgotten them again. Heck, there are times I walk into that room and forget why I'm there...

It's been a long time since I've been this happy. That is both wonderful and cautionary. I must continue to have adventures and I have to accept that is part of my essential DNA. I'm having too much fun to waste time worrying about planning another one. That's God's business. I know and God knows that adventures (not crises) are required. They will come.


Mrs Smith said…
They will, and I hope I get to share them. It's so good to read about your joy in the present one. Keep doing that!

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