Edinburgh Fringe Day 4

This was a gloriously happy day. I'm really focused on taking it as easily as I can and I had one of those 'so bloody obvious' revelations when I woke up this morning.

The thing is, we are 'supposed' to distribute leaflets. The place to do it is at Fringe Central or on the Royal Mile. But it's hard work, there are hundreds of people doing it and it can be very dispiriting. And I really don't want to waste a lot of energy trying to get leaflets to people who don't want them.

So I simply decided not to do it but to have fun instead. Basic Law of Attraction stuff. What did I actually want to do today? I wanted to go to the EdFringe meeting about how to get the right people to see your show and I wanted to have a look around the shops. So that's what I did. I took some leaflets with me because I knew some opportunities would come just as soon as I had some fun.

I missed half the meeting because I went to the wrong bus stop, sigh. However, it was next to a shop which sold Italian ice cream. Most of you know that I'm very careful about my diet to give my body and immune system the best material with which to heal but treats are allowed and a lemon meringue ice cream was just yummy.

When I got there, it was clear that the meeting was mostly for theatre performers who wanted a venue to pick them up but they did say 'ask us about anything' so at the end I went to speak to the head honchette and told her that I wanted to do TV and radio work —QI and the like — and to do comedy voiceovers and presentation and, given that the BBC wants more older women and I had extensive BBC training, I thought I could be useful. She gave me her card, told me to email her with what I'd just said and said she'd look out some contacts for me.

Ask and it is given.

I also went up to the promoter guy who was the main speaker and told him he was utterly gorgeous. Which he was. And then walked away.

His voice floated into my consciousness as I left the room saying 'Now that's the way to make a pitch! Does anyone know who that lady is?' which was rather nice.

Then I went to see the statue of Greyfriars Bobby which was just down the road and pottered in and out of some lovely shops. Until I saw the first hotel. What a perfect place for leaflets! Within an hour I had visited half a dozen well-to-do hotels, spoken politely to the reception staff (with my 'official Fringe participant badge showing) and every one was delighted to take leaflets for their guests. In one hour I had distributed twice as many as in three hours on the Royal Mile on Saturday.

So that's my plan from now on. Find hotels and speak nicely to reception staff. And see the sights and have fun. That's the way to do it.

Oh, and do comedy gigs. I'll definitely be doing comedy gigs...


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