10. In the absence of fear, healing must take place.

That's a quotation from the Teachings of Abraham

We are vibrational beings, we are children of a Creator and we are meant to experience joy and be creative. Every religion at its root believes the same - when it's not throwing rocks at other people for believing the same thing differently.

God experiences reality through us. God is not manifest in the world except through us. Mainly, we insist on putting an infinite God in boxes. God doesn’t fit in boxes so whatever God we may have in a box is really nothing like the whole picture. And might be feeling just a tad uncomfortable.

So it’s all really about how we feel and it’s so easy to let what the Australians call ‘orneryness’ to prevail. In my case, it was exacerbated by a lot of fear and some bad relationship stuff but everyone has their own reason for tolerating a certain amount of low-level discontent without even realising it.

Trouble is, that low-level discontent pervades the vibration of the body and, as you are your body’s God, and because you are the manifestation of the Great Creator, you can't blame both for thinking that you are actually sending out instructions.

Which means that Nigels (or Clarissas, or Clauds) will turn up eventually in order to get our attention. In my case, Nigel is in my family’s genes – my Dad had it though he never told me and it's also likely that my great grandmother had it too. It’s a ‘possible’ gene mutation which gets switched on or not.

All this stuff about the human genome project that’s got loads of wealthy ladies cutting both their boobs off because they ‘carry the faulty gene’ for breast cancer is both helpful and unhelpful. Yes, they may have stopped that particular dis-ease in their breasts but it’s their vibration that will trigger something physical changing not the mere fact that the gene exists. You can live quite happily with a possibly faulty gene for 100 years. Just don't trigger it.

If what they’ve done gives them confidence and happiness then that's great. But for those who can’t afford a double mastectomy and who are now fretting even more, it's a massive additional stress. The good thing is that you can turn the whole negative vibration thing around now. You don’t need the chop. You need the change of thought and feeling.

In fact, a health crisis is simply asking you ‘How much do you really want to live? And how committed are you to getting happy now so that you can find a new purpose? How happy are you willing to be?'

For you, it could be diabetes, fibromyalgia, getting in a car accident ... the options for your body to go 'attention please!' are endless. Huge amounts of people are going down the cancer route. Cancer is when things that should die don’t die and start attacking you instead. If thoughts of resentment and anger don’t die ... well guess what? Their vibration starts to work in the physical.

‘The cancer personality’ is the one who takes care of others, who is very nice, who works hard, who puts others first and who, somewhere, deep inside has a child yelling “what about me?” Eventually that child is going to do anything it can to try and get your attention.

So please, if you’re reading this blog and you’re healthy but there’s an undercurrent of resentment or something like that within you, start doing something about it now. 

Getting happy is a lot easier before you have to deal with fear.


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