19. The Prescription is Love ... not Juices.

Even before diagnosis, I was wondering about the raw food route. There are all sorts of diets recommended for critical or chronic illnesses and most of them involve being vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free and mostly - if not completely - raw.

My friend John - who has helped me considerably with EFT - said 'If I had cancer, I'd go 100% raw immediately.'

Well I tried as much raw food as I could. I know it suits some people. I know it's what you're 'supposed' to do. But I lost the will to live. So that was not going to work. What I did get was guilt that I wasn't eating well enough and I the more I tried, the less I ate so that I wasn't eating enough at all. I am not good at raw food recipes; they take a lot of time and I was frightened and worried and having to get used to far too much already.

I began to cry on the phone to my dear friend Adam - who lives a good 150 miles away - and he said the following:

"This is ridiculous. You can't live like this. I'm going to the shops now and I'll be down in Devon with you tomorrow morning. I'll stay five days and I'm going to cook you good, clean food."

 The prescription is love at the top and juice diets at the bottom, if at all. 

That's a quotation from the weird website I wrote about in my previous blog and that sums it up completely. I could starve the cancer with raw food. But that wouldn't cure the problem; it would simply hold it at bay temporarily. No different from chemotherapy really. And if it made me miserable (and my inner child too) how could that assist the problem of the death wish (see previous post) in any way at all?

Adam did come down and taught me some lovely, simple recipes. More importantly, he loved Lion and me through the days with kindness and firmness and since then I've fed myself pretty well. I've been mostly vegetarian, eaten a third of my food raw, juiced every day, eaten sheep and goat cheese and allowed myself weekly treats.

The immunologist I saw in London with a VEGA machine backed Adam up, thank God. Nothing from the cow nor from the pig; a little lamb, some poultry, fish okay, no gluten. As much raw as you can but enjoy your food. Prosper the life-wish.

Here's the full quotation from the website:

"What this is not to be is a drive to force the body back to health, devoid of love, such as we see.  We see this on juice diets. “This will make you healthy, body; I don’t care if you don’t like it, body (i.e. it doesn’t taste good), you‘re having it”. That is not love. Nurture and nourish your body, with love. This is more powerful than any antioxidant you can put into your system. Understand this. Ideally, do both. Do what you have to do to bring it back into balance, with love.Do not allow the mind to do more than the body is able to handle. All you need is rest. This is why many of you manifest a mechanism to exit."

I love my body. I love her bravery and her strength. I love how she is living, palpably not dying, with this dis-ease and how this diet is making her even more beautiful. I ask her what she wants to eat to make her strong. We are working on this in mutual love and respect. This is good.


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