5. That's a pretty horrid message isn't it?

So ... does this mean that if you get happy - really happy - then you're going to get sick? Yikes. That's a pretty foul message to put out isn't it?

Please be aware that this blog is just my musings. And to you it may be total ********. Your life is your life and my truth isn't your truth.

But there is something in this which is worth noting. You may have heard of the 'Happiness Set Point.' Marci Shimoff wrote of it in her book Happy for No Reason. It's also known as the 'Emotional Set Point.'

In a nutshell, it's exactly how happy your ego is going to allow you to be before it organises something to scupper a feeling that it feels you don't deserve.

Can a human ego do that? Hell yes. The ego is our automatic responses. It's trained when we are children (the Jesuits know what they are saying with the phrase 'give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man'). We have a set point of exactly how happy we are permitted to be so that it doesn't piss our parents off too much.

If your parents aren't happy (as mine weren't), your happiness set point isn't going to be very high.

I've done a lot of work on mine - and had to do a lot more when Lion and I got married because my ego thought I didn't deserve to be that happy and organised some new and exciting financial issues. And guess what...? Sorted all that. Wrote some excellent books - and arranged to be criticised for them by people I loved and admired.

Sorted all that. Wrote another couple of books ... decided to become a comedian and moved to paradise.

As I said earlier - never been so happy.

So could it have been the Happiness Set Point kicking in? Quite possibly. It's never just one thing is it? But it's not working this time because apart from the horrid days and the scary days, I am actually happier with this life-enhancing dis-ease. That's because it is enhancing my life. And I couldn't be anything but happy living in Devon. So even if it was that, it's not working.


But I would suggest you might like to take a look at your own happiness set point. It can be raised but it's slow, diligent work. Excuse the advertisement but there's a lot about it on my Soul Wisdom website. And trust me, learning to raise it so that you can create and maintain bliss is a really, really good idea.

You may of course say 'what the **** do you know about that?' All I know is that in heart and soul I am a very happy woman.


jo dereza said…
Maggy, thank you for writing this blog.
As someone with their own 'life-enhancing disease' I've struggled with the fact that it struck when I was at my happiest... It took me to some of the lowest points I've ever been, however I now find that despite my 'condition' and the huge changes it brought, I can be, and am, happy :)
Looking forward to reading about the the rest of your journey with Nigel. All love, jo xx

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