39. Is It Working?

I first heard of intravenous vitamin C when Henry was ill. It’s the brainchild of Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling and his colleage Ewan Campbell and although it’s controversial it is, finally, starting to be taken seriously. It doesn’t cure life-enhancing diseases – although it has cured some. It’s as effective as chemotherapy, but it doesn’t hurt the immune system in any way, shape or form.
When Henry was ill, it wasn’t available in the UK so he had oral vitamin C. That and a very harsh diet did stop the tumours growing. At one point, I rang Ewan Campbell in California and, bless him, he took my call and was very kind.
So is it working? I don't know. Dr. W says it won’t necessarily show until after the three weeks have ended. Well, let’s hope he’s right. Dear God, let’s hope so. I have a bit of a tendency to doubt things and it didn’t help when that new lump turned up in the first week of the treatment. But it did soften immediately and it's pretty much gone now.

I opened my TUT (Notes from the Universe) last Wednesday to read:

Maggy, it's working.

No, you probably can't see it yet, but I can. Wheels are now turning that have never turned before. Winds are now howling that have never howled before. And players from every walk of life are being drawn into place as if in some hypnotic dance. All because of you, your dreams, and your divinely stubborn persistence.

If I wasn't the Universe, I don't think I'd believe it.

    The Universe
Oh boy, did that help.


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