43. Is It Just Me? (Part 2)

Remember that at the end of the second week, the doctor couldn't make the Friday treatment because he was going to see his daughter?

This week he suddenly says that he'll try to get to the 2.30 appointment on Friday in time but he's got a doctor's appointment of his own and may be late.

So? Well, at our very first conversations I told him that I really needed to get away on time on Fridays as it was the difference between a £40 ticket and a £140 one.

This time, I gave the receptionist a week's notice that I would need a 2pm appointment if I was going to have extra amounts of vitamin C (it's now 60 ml a day) as the drip takes more time. That was vital so I could catch my train home. She said 'fine.'

But now he's going to be later than 2.30pm. I say 'but the appointment's at 2pm.' Dr. W has no idea about that.'

I check with the receptionist and it turns out that the timing was never checked with him. I am cross. There is also another sign of carelessness in the surgery this week but that is not my story so I'll leave it at that. But I am wondering how I managed to attract this.

I tell the receptionist that I need that appointment at 2pm or I will not be turning up on Friday and will have to miss the final treatment. And that I am very cross.

So, Dr. W says he will try and change his own doctor's appointment. He succeeds in doing so.

Good. I have stood up for myself. At last.


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