33. Everything Goes Easily For You.

I arrive at the surgery 15 minutes early, having warned Emilia, the lovely receptionist, that I am very likely to be late. As she sets up the drip of vitamin C, I tell her how easy the journey was and that I would like the drip to be on my right hand side to give the veins in my left arm a rest.
‘Everything goes easily for you,’ she says and I think she is talking of my life; that of course the train would run; of course I would get here on time. And she is right. I am so stupid ever to doubt; I am always looked after.
Actually she was talking about my veins. ‘Dr. W says your veins are always easy,’ she says. ‘It is amazing. Sometimes we have to put people’s hands in hot water to get the veins to work.’
She leaves me, to await the doctor. Whichever way, everything goes easily for me. So often I forget that because I still have lumps and bumps. I must remember it more often.
Dr. W arrives. ‘You look so well!’ he says.
That’s because I am.


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