46. Swanking at the Savoy.

Friday morning arrives at last. It’s been an incredibly busy week (aren’t I supposed to be resting God?). Every meeting has contained its blessing and some words said in either direction that were healing or helpful. There have been some challenges indeed but also the chance to be the catalyst in assisting two old friends to make-up from a quarrel that had led to a six-year stand-off.

But this morning, it’s goodbye to the dear Bish, who has given me a lovely icon of Elijah in his cave – the place where one retreats for meditation (which I haven’t been able to do here all week!) – and off to the Savoy to meet Q.

Who even went on the internet this morning to learn how to tie the perfect Winsdor knot in his tie!

We have such a lovely time. He buys me brunch instead of just tea and we both revel in the beauty and the excellence of the service. He’s never been here before but he absolutely gets it when I say this is my London office – with just a cuppa, you can hire this beautiful space for two hours for about £20 which is a lot cheaper and nicer than the Institute of Directors.

He’s a very spiritual man and he says that the whole issue is not about denying or hating wealth and beauty, just not being attached to it.

The Savoy has a ‘healthy breakfast’ which includes the famous egg-white omelet that film stars eat. Q has one and lets me have a taste. To my surprise, its quite nice...

He tells me about working with a comedian friend on a new chat-show pilot and about Jimmy Carr’s house (and staff) in Mayfair and Simon Cowell’s place. It isn’t gossip, it’s information. There isn’t an ounce of malice in this man.

The conversation weaves back and forwards between God, faith, the Church, comedy, family and hopes and dreams. Time flies. 

He promises to look at my YouTube videos and give me feedback. 

At the end, I say ‘I do hope we can meet again.’ He says 'yes indeed' and texts me later to say ‘Dorchester next time and we’ll work our way down.’ I have a new friend.


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