50. Pictures of Dartmoor.

Our house is a little white blob on the far horizon.

Some pictures of Dartmoor - the bones of the land. I never knew I would love it so much.

When I went to give a talk in Exeter three years ago there was no late train back to Birmingham so John, the organiser, offered to put me up overnight at his home in the village of Throwleigh. When I woke up in the morning and drew the curtains I saw straight to Cosden Hill and my very soul sang 'I want to live here.'

Luckily for me, when I got home and mentioned the idea to Lion, he said 'then let's go and look for somewhere to live in Devon.'

This is on the way to Scorhill Stone Circle. Trees grow where they can here on Dartmoor.
There are Bronze-Age settlements all over the hills and dozens if not hundreds of stone circles dotted across the land. Scorhill is perhaps the most impressive when you're there but it does look a bit bleak in a photograph.

This is one of our favourite walks. Miles and miles of moorland riddled with streams crossed by ancient stone bridges.

Nine Stones Circle at Belstone Tor. 
Lion and I both loved it when we came down to visit and to see if it was feasible to move here. Everything unfolded easily and even though it has been a difficult year, it was lovely to hear Lion say, the other day, 'In spite of what happened to you, I still think this was the best move we have ever made.'

Dartmoor isn't responsible for the dis-ease, of course. But it is a lovely place to be while I discover what was. And that counts for a lot.


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