48. Please Will You Help?

Today I've been very brave and put up a 'donate' button on this blog (top right hand side). Why? Because the alternative path to healing is a tad expensive and we could do with some help.

And even more than that, the path of healing includes joy - that is so important. And although Lion and I have done really well with all the expenses of healing this l-e-d we also really, really want to have some good times together too.

If you are enjoying this blog - and if you feel it's appropriate - I'd be so grateful for a contribution.

Yes, the dis-ease has enhanced my life - helped me to see things more clearly and release a lot of s*** and I truly wouldn't have been without it. It's a great teacher. But the goal is to release myself from it. That takes time and it takes cash because the NHS can't help with holistic treatments - let alone the Dartmoor Shaman!

I sometimes imagine my consultant's face when she got the email detailing how I was planning to deal with this dis-ease as an alternative to chemo. It's important to keep them in the loop but probably a tad challenging when the loop is a little like David's slingshot against Goliath.

She's a little on the conventional side (I say tactfully), not conversant with complementary medicine - didn't know what Shiatsu was for example - and thinks that 'you can eat anything you want; eat MacDonalds!'

Chemo has it's place of course and there are many who probably think I'm a dingbat. But at the moment I am a happy, healthy dingbat. And I want to go on being so.

Vitamins and all kinds of supplements, organic food, intravenous vitamin C and updates on my immune system with a VEGA machine are not cheap but they are necessary to support my body while I work on my soul. And that's costly too, with therapy, soul-retrieval, Journey work; homeopathy and Shiatsu.

But even more than that, the vital ingredient in defeating a l-e-d like this is happiness. And what Lion and I want more than anything right now is to go to Cyprus for the christening of our adopted son's daughter, Ariadne, in April.

It's on my 58th birthday - April 26th. A while back, I didn't know if I would make that date but now I know I will. And what better way to enhance life than by celebrating a brand new life?

Ariadne's grandfather, Jon, was murdered in 2006. Here's the story. He was Lion's best friend - almost a brother - for more than 20 years and a friend and colleague of mine for 12. I first met Jon's son, Tim, when we picked him up from Kings Cross Station to take him to identify his father's body. He sat in the back of the car, cuddling our beagle, Puzzle, all the way and still remembers the comforting warmth of her to this day.

From then onwards, Tim has been like our own son and I want to hold his beautiful little daughter in my arms and let her know that her grandfather would be so very proud of her.

Another chance at joy is a trip we're being offered to stay with friends in a gîte in France in May with the man who came into Lion's life—not to replace Jon because that can't be done—but to become his new best friend. I'll write more about that later but Lion is my rock and he needs his joy too (and I can't deny I'd love a trip to France).

And I want to continue my dream of being a comedian. As a beginner, you have to do dozens and dozens of gigs for free - and travel around the country. That costs too. Am I bonkers to be doing that when I'm 'meant' to be ill? Probably but bonkers is okay by me.

I'm now strong enough to work again - and we can cope with one ... maybe two ... of the four but not all of them.

Part of prosperity consciousness is not being afraid to ask. Ask, believing, and it is given, as a famous rabbi once said. So, please, if you want to, help us get the vitamins, the trip to Cyprus, the visit to Lion's supportive friend, the comedy gigs and the relief of knowing that we can be comfortable. Thank you.

In return I'll keep writing; and I'll keep working on becoming the spiritual comedian that I believe the world needs right now. And I'll dance for joy and raise a glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice to you in Nicosia on April 26th.


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